Top 5 coffee roaster manufacturers

Scolari Infrator Coffee roaster - Exapro

As coffee roaster manufacturers have the passion for good coffee, Exapro has the passion for used industrial machinery market and its evolution since 2004. According to a report published on 29th May 2018 by Research Report Insights, the coffee […]

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Top 5 press brakes cnc/nc manufacturers

Amada HFE M2 2203 - Press brakes cnc / nc

Since 2004, Exapro has been observing the used industrial machinery market. One sure thing is that the online market has booming for the sheet metal machines category and for the press brakes cnc/nc subcategory. In recent years, some manufacturers […]

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Mazak laser cutting machines

Mazak laser

2D laser cutting technology by Mazak Optonics represents a wide range of various metal cutting solutions. Among Mazak laser cutting machines buyers can find both CO2 and fiber laser options. All configurations are designed specifically to meet the […]

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