large industrial firms used machines exaproFor the manager of a large amount of machines, dealing with the flow of incoming and outgoing equipments is an important issue. With the global trend of streamlining costs and maximizing income, the market of used machines is undeniably a suitable solution for large industrial firms.

Indeed, the advantages buyers and sellers of second hand equipments can get are significant: on one hand, prices are way lower than on the market of new machines and on the other hand selling a machine will always be more profitable than to take it to a metal dealer.

An industrial equipment will loose from 20% up to 40% of its initial value during the first year of activity. It becomes then interesting to buy a machine through the used market if one needs to replace one which has stopped working. Besides, there is usually no delay, the equipments are available immediately.

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On the sellers’ side, using the market of used machines makes possible generating an income on equipments that are most of time already paid off.

Aware of these new needs, Exapro has given itself means to be up to the expectations of large industrial companies. With over ten years of experience in the trade of used equipments throughout the world, the company has created tailor made tools for managing the sales of a large amount of machines: client-centered approach, detailed feedbacks, international promotional tools, and many more…

To discover all the solutions created for large industrial firms, please visit Exapro, the marketplace for used machines.

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