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Do you want to write for the Exapro Hub? Everybody loves to learn something new every day. Writing for us can be a chance for you to express your writing skills and share your tips, ideas, and experience to the entire world.

Our team will review and improve your article if needed as long as you have something valuable. Besides, you will be rewarded with full credit, shares on social media, and more visibility on the web.

How to start to write for us?

First of all, use the “Looking for a topic?” search bar on The Exapro Hub to check if your idea/article hasn’t been already published. If yes, read carefully the article to make sure your idea is definitely the same or different. We expect quality content and reading them will tell you our level of expectation.

What kind of article can you publish on the Exapro Hub?

Machinery trends: everybody loves trends and especially our readers when it’s about machinery and equipment. What about the Industry 5.0? 6.0? 7.0? Or something more specific about a type of manufacture and process.

Advice: everybody is looking for advice on the web. How to better use a machine? What is the best practice for this equipment?

Opinion: do you have an interesting opinion about the manufacturing industry or an equipment you would like to share with our audience?

Ultimate guides: are you the kind of person who likes to provide long articles that will become a reference on the web?

Case studies: Do you want to share what you’ve learned from your experience? This can be a specific project or something from your own company.

Who will read your article?

The Exapro Hub is a blog managed by Exapro, an online marketplace leader in selling and buying used machinery. Its audience is therefore interested in machinery, manufacturers, industry trends and so on.

However, some visitors are also looking for definition and advice related to this world. When writing your article, assume your reader is a beginner. If you want to use technical words, please define them.

What do we expect from you?

  • An original article of at least 600 words with an image (we will check if the content already exists on the web)
  • An article related to the manufacturing world
  • We don’t accept an article that promotes directly a product or a company
  • An up-to-date article that suits our audience
  • Split up your article with sub-headings
  • Write short and succinct paragraphs
  • One dofollow link maximum to a website
  • Offering us a linkbuilding exchange with the Exapro Hub or Exapro.com is not mandatory but really appreciated
  • We don’t offer money as a reward for the moment
  • Use a correct English
  • Be open to feedback from our editor
  • We will do our best to publish it as soon as possible. However, be sure your content will not be out of date if something takes too long to publish it.
  • You are responsible for your article. If something has changed, is unclear, needs an update, feel free to contact your editor.

What will the Exapro Hub do for you?

  • Publish your article as soon as possible
  • Make sure your article matches the SEO requirements for maximum visibility (Domain Authority: 55)
  • A byline with a biography so readers could know more about you and you will get traffic to your website
  • A promotion of your article on our social media

How can you send your article?

We want to make this process as easy as possible, that’s why we ask you to send your article in a Google Doc to anna[at]exapro.eu

Looking forward to reading your article and publishing it!