Cosmetics sectorNowadays it is pretty hard to step up from other manufacturers as an infinite choice of products is already to be found on the market. Offering original and innovative products isn’t enough anymore to attract the consumers as the new technologies keep on evolving, and so do the products we use everyday. Therefore it is important to focus on the packaging in order to attract the attention of the consumers.

Cosmetics and luxury products

There is an aggressive competition in the luxury products sector as the benefits made are reaching record high amounts of money. Thus it is possible to invest huge amounts of money in the company marketing. Packaging’s design belong to the regular investments that are made to surpass the concurrent brands by offering new conditioning solutions. As a matter of fact, the branding of one’s products is often transmitted in the luxury products sector by the packaging and many details such as the material and printing quality. For instance many products such as perfumes or cosmetics are somehow hidden in their packaging, therefore the way the conditioning has been thought by manufacturers is the very first thing that we as consumers see. As a consequence, many famous brands started to offer innovative packaging, such as the finnish manufacturer Metsä Board that proposes cartoned packaging that have this characteristic pure white color, or the german Oekabeauty, that offers innovative solutions for packaging and already worked with the famous french cosmetic brands.

Surprise consumers to sell more

This strategy has become common on the market since the packaging is a key element to sell a product that already exists under a wide range of names and brands. To intrigue consumer is the best way for him to make a stop on its way and have a look at the product: curiosity is what’s leading the world today. Thereby many companies are aiming for new intriguing packagings, such as for example a famous brand of grapefruit flavoured rosé wine that offers its beverages in conditioned cans, in order to on a first hand to attract male consumers and on another hand to make the drink more transportable. An another example worth to be talked about is the new Sony player’s packaging that consists in a bottle filled with water (as a regular one should be) containing the player soaking in water. The concept was launched in New Zealand for some month and is targeting swimmers and people in general spending time underwater, as the only place you can’t hear music while doing sports remains the swimming pool. This new packaging is a way to promote the products by highlighting the sealing characteristics of the player.

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As already mentioned, manufacturers have become aware of the new packaging strategy that’s rapidly establishing a strong foothold in the market.. Therefore, packaging machines will have to be even more precise and efficient in order to adapt to the new requirements of the cosmetics and luxury products market, that from now on will try to surprise us even before opening the package.

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