Wood Machining Centers

wood machining center

Wood machining center is a multipurpose machine that has numerical control (CNC), which is able to perform complex machining of 3-dimensional workpieces with the help of different tools. Wood machining centers have instrumental shops and devices for […]

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Screen Printing Machines

screen printing machines

Screen printing refers to direct printing methods, where the ink is printed directly on the printed material (unlike the offset printing method, when the ink is applied to the printed matter through an intermediate-offset surface). The main […]

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Packaging That Simplifies Our Life

packaging innovations

Everything in this world flows, adapts and changes. The packaging industry is no exception. Modern packaging faces a new goal to make people’s lives in the modern age of constant time shortage as easy as possible. Therefore, new more creative solutions […]

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Forging and Pressing Foundry Machines

forging hammers

Forging and stamping is one of the most common metal processing technologies. The process of converting a semi-finished product (billet) into a final product can be carried out manually and mechanically. In the first case, forging hammers […]

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Hurco Machine Tools

hurco machine tools

Hurco is the name every metalworking machinery expert knows. This company has been leading in the field of CNC machine tools for over 40 years. During the company’s existence, Hurco has been awarded with more than 80 […]

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Dismantling of Machinery and Industrial Equipment

dismantling of machinery

Industrial machinery requires special treatment due to the technological complexity, dimensions and size of the machines. Just like assembling machinery demands certain skills from a responsible person, dismantling of machinery is also the process impossible to perform without […]

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CNC Lathes for Metal

cnc lathe for metal

With the appearance of electronic numerical control systems, the machine tool industry has reached a new level of output. Such changes entailed the creation of a whole class of machine tools with an uncomplicated abbreviation CNC (numerical program […]

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Doosan Machine Tools

doosan machine tools

Doosan machine tools is a global enterprise occupying the leading position in the metalworking machinery market ever since its establishment in 1976. Over the past decades, Doosan has been pioneering the machine tools industry sector with top […]

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