Industrial Production in Europe

industrial production in europe

The Industrial production index (IPI or industrial output/volume index) measures fluctuations in the price-adjusted output of any industry on a monthly basis. This business indicator is one of the most important short-term statistical data. Thanks to IPI, […]

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Pharmaceutical Mixers Blenders

pharmaceutical mixers blenders

Pharmaceutical mixers blenders belong to the category of universal machines and can be used in several industrial sectors. We come across mixers and homogenizers in pharmaceutical industry, chemical and cosmetics sector, as well as the food industry. Homogenizers […]

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3D Printing Metal

3d printing metal

Even if you’re not directly related to the industry, you must have heard about 3D printing as it rapidly became the new trend. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to a process of creation of […]

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