Your market is moving, so are your competitors. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s after years or just a few years, here comes the moment where you’re facing this choice: should I buy a new machine? Whatever if this one will be brand new or a used machine, you have to know if it’s the right moment or not. Your company is unique and you have specific needs, this is why Exapro recommend you not to skip important steps before taking this decision.

At this precise moment when you’re reading this article, your head is filled with hundreds of questions and you don’t know which one to ask first. A simple solution is to start with a quick 10-question quiz entitled: “Should I buy a new machine?” to help you think more clearly about if you’re ready or not to buy this new equipment. As you already know, it’s an important decision and maybe the biggest decision for your company for this year.

[Quiz] Buying new machinery: am I ready?


Ready to know?

Do you have an investment plan?

What is more important for you?

Are you using online marketplaces for your search?

Did you ask advice from a specialist?

Did you ask advice from your operators?

What do you prefer: leasing or buying?

"Having new machinery shows that a company accept nothing less than the best to provide customers the highest quality services"

Did you plan a training for your operators?

Do you clearly know your company's goals in the medium and long term?

Bonus question: did you check

[Quiz] Industrial machinery: should I buy a new machine?
You should consider buying new equipment!
Congratulations! Regarding your results, you are ready to start to search for the perfect new or used machine that you need. There are many reasons why purchasing new equipment can create value for your company. If you're interested, you can read our article: Advantages and disadvantages of buying new machinery.
You should maybe consider buying new equipment after checking different points...
As buying new machinery is an important decision for a company, we recommend that you make sure that certain important points are checked.
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And now, what’s next?

Depending on our your results, you can now draw up your to-do list for your next steps and also find the best marketplace that’s right for you. Once again, Exapro is here to help you ask the right questions at the right moment to which the answers are sometimes not so obvious.

Then, divide each to-do into “Urgent” or “Wishes”. Complete each one of them, and in order, so you won’t miss any of them. Also, do not underestimate someone’s help for this process which can take time and require organization skills.

You can also contact Exapro at any time about a specific machine if you have any questions. It’s always better to remove any doubt from your head, so you won’t miss an opportunity to increase the productivity of your company. Or, in the worst case, you will realize too late that some important options you wanted don’t exist at all on this particular machine.

Find a trusted partner

This last point is indeed very important. You don’t want to be fooled by a malicious buyer. This will waste your time and especially money. You don’t need that, and your business doesn’t need it either.

Whether you are a seller or a buyer of used machines, Exapro is the right marketplace for you. Thanks to a website available in 9 languages and its multilingual agents, you are sure to optimize the visibility of your machine and increase the chances of having serious contact points around the world.

To do so, you just have to add for free your equipment and write the maximum of information. You can also add pictures and video. A picture is worth a thousand words and these visuals are highly appreciated by our many monthly visitors. After this, our passionate agents take over and take care of everything for you.

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