factory warehouse logistic place machinesWe discussed about the aspects to think about when buying a used machine a few days ago.  Here is the end of the article.

Available space in your factory

Something to consider would be the available space you have at your disposal. Some machines can be fairly small and easy to install. Other machines require more space and floor to ceiling modifications. A good example in this case could be a Heidelberg 8 color printing press that requires to be attached to the floor and ceiling. Not all buildings can handle large building modifications and necessary permits for modifications take time. Make sure you know the exact peramiters you have at your disposal and be familiar with the construction of the building if purchasing something larger.

New or Used machines

buy used machines save moneyWell both have its pluses and negatives. Knowing your budget is fairly important to make a decision. Buying new is great, there is nothing better than seeing that out of factory machine arriving by truck at your door and being unloaded. Having that little guarantee paper somewhere is wonderful. Of course the price tag is a lot higher than it could have been if you bought used.

Buying used is great all around and is the best choice for smaller company’s and rising entrepreneurs. You can find great deals on used, like new or even refurbished machines. Many dealers are even able to set up a product directly to your own specifications for a very small fee. Shipping is never a problem and inspection of machine is always recommended. Not only are you able to see the machine before purchasing, often, machines are still in production lines.

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Shipping of your machinery

Machines Freight Shipping Ocean Air Forwarded LogisticsDepending where and who you buy from there may be few options of shipping. EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP, FOB, CFR. Be sure to know what you are paying for and what you getting in return. In some cases the seller will only drop off the crated machine at a local port and the rest is up to you. Some sellers will provide the full service and will go all 9 yards to get you the machine. Some will ask you to come and remove it your self.

Be sure to ask for the specific size of the machine, in some cases the machine won’t fit and sending a new truck would be time consuming and expensive, not to mention the hold up in production.

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