Although we are surrounded by plastic daily, it’s good to start with a simple question: what is plastic?

The plastic is the usual term used for a number of synthetic materials and is used in the manufacture of many products.

Do you know there are actually two types of plastics? Thermoplastics and thermosets.

The thermoplastic, unlike the other one, is made of polymer molecules that reach high temperatures when it becomes liquid.

It’s then a hard material once cooled. These qualities make this type of plastics an easily recyclable material.

Some of the most used thermoplastic polymers are polyethylene or PVC, present in many of the everyday packages that we use daily in our homes, but also in the production waste of large factories.

Reusing these remains of plastics for the manufacture of other serviceable materials is a sustainable way that allows the industry to obtain greater benefits.

As you can guess, plastic crushing machines play a very important role. Both for post-consumer recycling and for their storage and reuse, plastics require help to manage properly the recovery of this material.

What Are Plastic Shredders?

The shredders are used to help reduce large pieces of plastic crushing without having to do it manually or by more rudimentary procedures.

The industrialization of the process makes it much faster and more efficient. Only two workers can crush larger quantities of plastic in a short time.

Granulator G 500/800 Plastic crusher

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How Crushing Machines Work?

The operation of the crushing machine is not complex at all.

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During the process, the plastic is crushed and stored in the hopper with the push of a button.

Equipped with a blade, the machine, performs all the work quickly, without noise, and with little energy consumption.

You can find some plastic crushing machines that have been manufactured for the recycling of special plastics or that include extra functions.

But the vast majority of them will allow you to dump the plastic, crush and compress it for easy storage.

Keep in mind that plastic is a very versatile material that is used in large quantities at an industrial level.

In the factories, its continuous use makes the crushing machines one of the indispensable tools for its management and recycling.

Second-Hand Plastic Crushing Machiness

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