exapro android applicationThe digital trends is going mobile and Exapro seized the opportunity to be one of the first on Google play by developing its officiale Android application called “ “Exapro: used machinery.”

Of the importance of having a mobile app

Today it is important for business companies to have its own app. The competition is high and if the company is one step behind in some field of advertising itself, it obviously loses potential clients in that certain field. More to understand about the importance of developing an app for B2B (Business to Business) marketplace for used machinery is shown at the statistics in the lower part of this article. The app is developed either for professionals (both buyers and sellers who are interested in this business field) or one-time buyers and sellers (e.g. small factories, small enthusiastic home handymen).

What does Exapro app do?

When the customer works with the app and wants to look for our machines, he or she has 2 options. If he is searching a concrete machine, he could write some keyword (e.g. Manufacturer, model,…) which will show up a list of the machines closest to the keyword. Second option “Search by category” is for the customers who want to go through a certain category and pick from the many machines in many categories and subcategories we offer. The app provides customers with full color photos, complete descriptions and details about the machines, the possibility to contact either us or the seller about the details can be easily used. There is also an option to sell your machine at every category you visit. Then there is a third and last main button called “About Exapro”, where is also an option to add your own machine and there are many informations about the company, about its details, accomplishments, trustworthiness and much more.

Supported by the strenght of Exapro’s database

In the app database are available all of our 45 000 hand-picked industrial machines from 10 000 sellers. We offer a wide selection of second-hand industrial equipment belonging to many different industrial sectors, including metalworking, packaging, chemical and pharmaceutical, food processing, woodworking, printing, industrial robots, generator sets, plastic injection, textile and garment and many more. You can see all the machines in full color pictures, complete descrip The app will not take you many space as the size of the current version 1.2.1 is only 6.4MB. The rating of the app is 4.8 out of 5 so far.

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Statistics about the industry for Exapro

According to the resources, smartphone is at this time owned by almost 2 billions people, which is approximately 35 % of the world population. In the modern age, where an average czech human spends 2 hours on smartphone, an average american 2,5 hours on smartphone, it is really important to keep close to the customer at any time. 86% of the time on iOS and Android connected devices is spent on the apps, 14% on the browser.

When we move to our company and its concrete numbers and specifics, the reason for creating an app is simple and lies in statistics: 8.55 % of our visits in 2015 are from Android smartphones and 1.98% from Android tablets. We are trying to get as close to our customers as possible, that is why we created the app. We want our customers to feel comfortable and browse quickly at every possible device and at any time.

What’s next?

At first we worked hard on our website, second on Android version. That leads to the question: When are we going to satisfy the rest of our appreciated customers by developing an iPhone/iPad and Windows phone application? We do not know a certain date yet, but it should be some time in 2016.

There is nothing to wait for! If you are an Android user, download the app and rate it if you like it. We are looking forward to hear your feedback!


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