auction used machineryAre you planning to sell high-value assets in the coming months? Turn these assets into money by selling them at auction. Our used machinery marketplace is partnering with the biggest industrial auctioneers in the world.

From a couple of machines, to fully functioning plants, we are able to provide you with the best auctioneers in the market, in any sector or location. Let’s have a look at the step by step guide on how to auction used machinery.

Why sell industrial assets on the auction

Get the best price for used machinery

Used machinery auctions allow you to quickly get the best price for your assets. Instead of just setting a fixed price, put the minimum value of your machine and wait for the bids of buyers. As buyers are bidding, the price automatically reaches its market value. Bids normally vary week after a week depending on who has entered the auction. A minimum bid can be set up so that you make certain to acquire the best price for your asset.

Take advantage of professional services

Working with an auctioneer, you can take advantage of his or her expertise in disposing of large assets: valuation, online promotion, decommissioning, and many other services. Before listing a piece of equipment for sale, it’s crucial to know the market price of the machine. Professional auctioneers offer a free estimation of the machinery value. The valuation can be done remotely, there is no need to ship over your items to the auction house.

Naturally, online auctions are eager to attract prospective buyers to their online marketplace. Online marketing and promotion are a major part of the selling strategy and the border stone of the online auctions’ principle.

Worldwide marketplace

Industrial machinery auctions represent enormous trade platforms. Buyers and sellers from all around the world can enter an online auction. Dealing with an industrial auctioneer allows you to reach worldwide markets and gain more prospective offers on your surplus machinery. The decision to auction used machinery gets you easy access to buyers from around the world which is increasing your chances of getting the best deal for your item in the end.

Relevant target audience

Entering the industrial auction space you can expect to meet the target audience fitted to your sector of business. Placing your surplus machinery on offer is a sure way to meet the worldwide demand for this sort of equipment. Special search features on auction platforms make it easy for buyers to find the machine from a specific category.

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How to auction used machinery

The process of auctioning is much more simple than it might seem at first glance. The first strategically important step in order to auction used machinery is to get in touch with the auction house. Auctioneer’s representative is going to visit you on site to see the machine in person. Other responsibilities of the auction agent include taking pictures of the machine, creating the offer description and preparing the offer for publication. Basically, from the seller’s point of view, you will pass most of your responsibilities on to the auction house. Leaving you focusing on the main goal: to send the machinery and successfully close the deal.

Once the item is listed on the auction website, potential buyers can find it through the directory or through the search option. All the buyer needs to do is type in the relevant keyword, e.g. drilling machines. The search is also possible by other relevant criteria, such as manufacturer or location.

Just like in the offline auction, the highest bid wins the deal. Winners are expected to pay for the item they bid for which is secured by the provided credit card details. Payment is made to the auctioneer’s bank account. The auction house is keeping the part of the commission and transfers the rest of the money to the seller.

The auction house can assist the buyer with shipping arrangements. As soon as the shipment is arranged, the carrier will be able to pick up the machine from your site.

How Exapro can help you with machinery auctions

We have been working with experienced auctioneers for over 10 years, which has enabled us to develop an expertise in the auction market. We are able to match any auction project with auctioneers that best fit each sale. Since Exapro has direct access to auction houses from around the world, we can provide the best auction partner for your deal.

If you’re considering disposing of industrial assets in the coming months, contact us now to discuss this project! We offer free consultations and advice in the field of used machinery auctions.


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