Used machine marketThe used machines market is really diffused in all dimensions. The providing sources are complex, with each advantages and disadvantages.
Let learn about the different approaches to buy or sell used equipment.

How buy or sell a used machine

There are three dimensions in the research of a used industrial machines.
First, there is a more informal way as the word-of-mouth. You have heard about a colleague who is going to sell his oven. You can also call on labor unions which is a very useful information source in case of material renewal or activity creation. This is a good solution but which includes two inconvenients : the geographical information limit and also the lack of immediacy and updating. There is also the auctions which are quite difficult and demanding because of the displacements. And generally, the auctions propose only one purchase or batch.

In a second part, it exists professional solutions as sellers : of new material and used one. Concerning the sellers of new materials, their function is not to sell used machines but sometimes they could have done a buy-back for a used material. You would have a booked machine. But, the used market is not their main business so you would not have a large choice of machines. However, you can always call upon the used machines sellers which are real professional of the market. They provide a large choice of machines scanning different categories of material (plastic machine, packaging machine etc.). For many of them, they repair the machines and give guarantee from 3 to 6 months.
Finally, you could also put an ad on the press to sell or to buy a used machine. The advantage is the opening of the geographic scope and the possible contacts. But, you might meet some difficulties to obtain all the information you need.

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Buy or sell a used machine on the Internet

The first advantage of Internet is the width of the prospection scope. Indeed, your machine would have a better visibility on the Internet and from diverse backgrounds, especially if you are a professional. And this is the same for a buyer to search a machine. Internet and specialized websites allow a price comparison and a large choice of products. It is possible to put ads  and search machines for free with quite details with a high audience and a better reactivity.
To conclude with, Internet seems to be the best way to buy and sell used machines  but requires a certain initiation to avoid mistakes. Numerous websites are just a showroom for machines. They do not insure a follow up of the transactions. There are not so much sites which provide this service but for those who do it, it deals with put in touch buyer and seller of used machine organize the visit of the machine and they make sure that the transaction is well ended.

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