Exapro carries on the year 2013 with news !

After launching the Russian version on the website at the end of 2012, Turkish is now available on exapro.biz.tr. The website is already translated in 7 languages (French, English, Czech, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Russian) and now in Turkish.

Turkey, a steadily growing demand

There is a strong demand for European used machines from Turkish manufacturers. Indeed, they especially appreciate the quality of the European equipment, while seeking an affordable price to develop their activity.

All the more so as Turkey knows a high development of its mechanical industry. Indeed, it is one of the first import of the country thanks to the textile activities, one of the most active sector of the Turkish economy (silk, cotton and wool especially).
Agriculture plays a major role in Turkey : 22,9 % of the population work for the secondary sector. The country is also very opened to new technologies because it can easily adapt to innovations, especially concerning machines and production processes. Turkey is a dynamic market (3% of growth in 2012) which gather buyers and sellers of used machines.

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With the addition of the Turkish language on the website, Exapro expects to provide the most important choice of machines and expand the scope of the marketplace’s actions. Our aim is to offer to our clients choice, quality, and interesting prices.

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