sell used machine toolsNowadays Exapro represent an increasingly strategic tool for those companies, reseller or professional end users who want to sell or buy used machine tools in a fair and effective easy way. Through the help of our professional, multilingual and experienced agents, Exapro gives them the opportunity  to sell their used machines all over the world.

To support this business need Exapro provides a very well organized website where you can easily look for the machine tool you need and then our agents will help you to manage and optimize the entire process of buying and selling.

But now let’s see how easy it is in fact to start cooperating with us.

Selling used machine-tools

The process of selling your machine-tools is quite simple.

1st STEP – Add the machine on our website for free

To better organize the large number of offers we receive daily:

We ask you to describe in principle through a simple email or directly through our website the machine or machines you want to sell: name of the manufacturer, model, type, technical details, year and your price. All the information that you provide to us may be accompanied by some pictures. This will help us to let potential buyers understanding a little bit more about your machines in order to proceed into the next step of the purchase.

2nd STEP – Get qualified contacts

If the machine fits the buyer’s need, and he seems to be really interested on purchasing it, we will proceed by giving you the buyer’s contact details and we will help and assist you for the whole process, organizing the inspection, logistics, communication and  purchase.

For instance let’s see how does it work for real having as example a machine tool of an end user who decide to advertise his machine on our website.

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Since the fact nowadays the most used machine tools sold through our services are Lathe, Machining Center and Milling Machines with CNC, let´s see how to advertize a used MORI SEIKI RL 253 Cnc lathe (right now on sale on

Sell a used MORI SEIKI RL 253 Cnc lathe

Let’s know see how Mr. Diego could add his Mori Seiki on our website to sell it.

control mori seikimori seiki

STEP 1 – Add the Mori Seiki

Mr. Diego can advertise his used machine online by himself and add the machine for free, or he can call one of our agent, or just e-mail us.

In this case is really important to provide us at least the following details:

Manufacturer: MORI SEIKI

Model: RL 253

Year : 2000

Type of CNC: Sinumerik

Max. turning diameter: 340 mm

Max turning length: 180mm

Spindle nose: ASA 8

Number of turrets: 2

Number of tools on turret: 12

Turning speed: 3500 rpm

Spindle motor power: 22 KW

Machine under power in North Italy

Photos of the machine

Price: 43000 EUR

STEP 2 – The selling process with Exapro

Once you have forwarded us these few details, your machine will visible all over the World on our website:

It will be part of our catalogue which is visited each month by more than 300 000 professional users from all around the world.

We will select for you only the best potential buyers,only those who are really interested on buying your used machine tool.

Have a nice sel lor purchase on

Article by Diego S.

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