neuf ou occasionYou could raise the question for a new purchase, for the everyday life or for a professional investment, to purchase an industrial equipment for example. Even more in a crisis context that brings us to revise downward our purchases and also for ecological issues that encourage the development of the second-hand market. What are the advantages of buying on the second-hand market? Could we find all the products we want on? We will see that there are numerous advantages and the choice could be quickly taken.

The price pull and good quality products

Whether for individuals or professionals, the first advantage of buying on the second-hand market is the price. Indeed, we can see a significant price difference, it is sometimes cut in half. For households for instance it would be more interesting to buy a used washing machine under warranty and often in a good state but also half the cost, rather than a new one. Concerning professionals, especially the secondary sector, the situation is the same. Budgetary slimming brings more and more to the second-hand market especially when the investment is unavoidable to maintain the activity. Besides the sectors of construction, handling and industry record the more used machines. Indeed, the industrial machines are sturdy and high-yield equipment. It is not rare to find machines from big brands as Krauss Maffei or Heidelberg for a low price and a satisfying quality.

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Professionals : how to sell a used industrial machine?

It exists several websites that help you to buy or sell your used machines. However, you have to make the good choice and apply to competent companies which already know the activity. It would also be a pity to be limited to a short geographic area : some regions, outside Europe for example, are a source of used industrial machines of quality. When it is about a sell for example, you also need to adopt the good reflexes to value your used machine : a complete descriptive, pictures or videos to provide maximum of information to the potential buyers. To finish with you must avoid an inaccurate estimation of your machine at the risk of losing buyers (read the article Set the price of a used machine). The best way to avoid mistakes is to have a look at the prices on the market of second-hand machines. We can take the case of used DMG Deckel Maho DMU 60T 5 axis machining center proposed at 84300 euros or used AMC inox tunnel for 33000 euros. After completing all the information and choosing the right price, all the remains is to find a buyer.

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