If you want to keep all processes optimized, the maintenance plan of an industrial equipment is a vital part of your strategy.

It will actually bring the plant to its full potential. But how to do it?

If you are familiar with the Exapro Hub, you know you always get tips about the machinery world.

So let’s go together through these 3 tips about how to optimize your industrial machinery maintenance plan.

1. Take Advantage of Downtime in Your Equipment Maintenance Plan

Let’s begin with this fact: maintenance personnel may have some free time or commonly called “downtime” in their programs between review and revision.

These times are an excellent opportunity to start a series of activities that will help productivity:

  • Make provisioning and relevant preparations before the maintenance rounds. This includes preparing all the materials, equipment, tools and personnel necessary.
  • Planning of the following activities to carry out.
  • Train and inform the person (security and certifications).

If you’re not doing these first 3 steps yet, we recommend you to start with them and you’ll optimize your maintenance plan for sure.

2. Comply with Maintenance Dates

To continue, it’s important that the maintenance department fully complies with the dates on which the maintenance of the equipment is.

The goal is indeed to carry out a correct execution of the plan that has been established with such care.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Seek the support of management and/or operations management to support the department with the scheduled dates. This will avoid logistics problems with the personnel that operates the machinery and unnecessary production stoppages.
  • Have everything required before the maintenance date ready: personnel, tools, external resources, etc.
  • As the maintenance dates are as important as the subsequent feedback activities, include them in the planning and respect them strictly.
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3. Avoid Provisional Solutions

To avoid extremely undesirable consequences, provisional solutions are sometimes necessary to resolve a problem. For instance, engaging a procedure outside the security standards.

At first glance, this is not bad if this type of provisional solutions overcome the difficulty of the moment.

You have a problem and you need a quick and effective solution.

However, they can become a problem when they go from a temporary arrangement to a permanent solution.

They are potential generators of accidents that can be even more expensive than the adequate long-term solution.

The best thing is to make a final arrangement and to avoid accidents, waste of time, resources, productivity, etc.

They are sometimes necessary, but in general, it’s not recommended to go for this kind of solutions often because they relax the culture of following the norms and standards.


We really hope these 3 tips will be useful when preparing and executing your next maintenance plan for your equipment.

This is not only beneficial for you but for everyone in your company.

Once applied, your equipment will be one more time brought to its full potential.

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