wood sanding machineSanding is a technological process that consists of manual or mechanized processing of a solid material: glass, metal, granite, wood and much more.

For many years, the wood was treated in a similar way, which was used for building a house or solving other problems. Sanding machine for wood has a special design, which you can create with your own hands or purchase from a manufacturer that specializes in the production of such equipment.

The lower the roughness index, the more pleasant it is to the touch. Depending on the texture of the surface, a different type of final surface treatment is used.

Even with your own hands, you can create a design that is used in everyday life, while industrial machines have characteristics that allow you to set up a multi-series production.

Types of Wood Sanding

Industrial wood sanding machine can have different characteristics, which depend on the design purpose. All machines are created to solve specific tasks, depending on the type of grinding.

Used wide belt sanders

There are the following types of abrasive processing:

  • Flat grinding is performed to grind mating or single flat surfaces. Hands can be processed using a hand tool, but it will only be useful at home.
  • Belt type of abrasive processing is carried out quite often. This method is used for final grinding of mating and is usually applied to flat surfaces. To achieve the final result, a wide belt sander machine is necessary to guarantee a smooth finish and perfect surface texture.
  • Round sanding can be carried out using special woodworking machines. The characteristics of such a design determine the possibility of obtaining a cylindrical and conical surface.

Types of Wood Sanding Machines

There are several types of machines that can be used for finishing the wooden surface. The most common are:

  • Disk or tray – one of the most common options for execution of sanding. The design features include the use of a special disk, to which the abrasive material is attached. The disk can be used to produce a large number of different operations. That is why the plate type of machines for wood polishing is very common. The disk type is used for cleaning the surface of blanks, which have the form of spheres, cylinders, and cones. Compactness determines the possibility of installation on a workbench at home. The productivity of this type of machine is very high since they have a powerful electric motor. To use it you do not need to have certain skills.
  • The tape has been used for the last several decades. The design features include low price and high performance. Sanding is carried out using a special abrasive belt, which should be replaced when worn down.
  • Finally, there is a drum type of wood sanding machine. Used a drum machine for grinding long planes: shields, racks, boards and so on. The procedure for imparting the necessary roughness to the surface is carried out by a drum or cylinder. In this case, often a double-drum design is made. To increase the efficiency of the model, an abrasive with different granularity is put on two drums. Thus, in a single pass, the part passes rough and fine grinding, which increases the efficiency of the equipment.
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Wood Sanding Machine Components

The degree of surface leveling depends on the type of abrasive material and the design features of the machine. It is rather difficult to carry out qualitative grinding with a brush hand tool, as during the mechanization of the process it is possible not only to increase the productivity but to bring the accuracy of the size of the parts and the roughness to the highest level.

Consider the devices of a typical grinding machine:

a working member represented by an abrasive surface;
a frame with special dimensions and shape, which allows you to stir the workpiece under a slight slope;
a device that allows for circular processing;
a stop that allows processing in the horizontal plane.

In the manufacture of bedding, iron or steel is often used, since these materials have the ability to withstand heavy loads and redistribute them to eliminate vibration. When creating such a device, they use cast iron more often, since it has a lower cost.


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