Laser cutting machines represent the inseparable part of sheet metal machines category on Exapro. With a laser cutting machine even hard metal can be cut easily since the laser beam is very powerful. The main type of laser is a CO2 laser which is suited not only for cutting but also for engraving or boring metal. Among laser cutting machines, Trumpf lasers or Trumpf laser cutting machines definitely stand out on the market.

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Price of Trumpf laser cutting machineTrumpf laser cutting machines

Trumpf is a German company which has been founded in 1923. Nowadays, Trumpf is a world-famous manufacturer offering solutions in the field of machine tools, laser technology, and electronics. Apart from manufacturing activities, Trumpf also supports the digital industry by providing advice, platforms and software solutions. Trumpf laser cutting machines have earned the reputation

Price of Trumpf laser cutting machines

Before you dive into the buying process, it’s essential to have a clear idea about the average price of Trumpf laser cutting machine. You don’t want to make a blind decision, especially not when it comes to such a big investment as an industrial machine. However, as the very first step, you should decide whether to go for a new equipment or a used machine. Naturally, you can expect used Trumpf lasers to be less expensive than brand new ones straight from the factory. Weigh up all the pros and cons of buying used machinery, take into consideration your budget and the purpose of this purchase. All these factors will help to build a clear picture and come to a justified conclusion.

Used Trumpf lasers for sale on Exapro

In Exapro online catalog, we have plenty of used Trumpf laser cutting machines to choose from. What makes our service convenient is the fact that you can use our extensive filters system. Not only you can pick the machine manufacturer (in this case, Trumpf), you can also choose the year of manufacture, the location of the machine and the technical specification. Let’s say you’re specifically looking for Trumpf laser not older than 2014 located in Europe. On Exapro you can easily find, in fact, it’s just a matter of 2 clicks.

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Trumpf laser price research

When looking to buy industrial equipment, doing research is important. We suggest you check out different marketplaces to figure out the average price of Trumpf laser cutting machine. Or you can just stick to Exapro: dozens of offers in our online catalog provide a bulletproof base for the price analysis. Let’s have a look at the examples of used Trumpf lasers we have on offer:

1. Trumpf TCL 4030 laser cutting machine. This CNC laser cutting machine by Trumpf is located in Germany. The seller states machine is currently unplugged. This fact plus the year of manufacture (1997) affect the price of the machine: 44’000 EUR.

Used Trumpf laser cutting machine

2.  Trumpf TCL 4030 4000W laser cut machine. Next machine represents the same model of Trumpf TCL4030 as the previous one. However, there are some significant differences between the two. The second machine is more powerful: 4000 W opposed to 3000 W. This machine is also CNC controlled, yet it has been manufactured in 2002 and is in good condition. Location in the middle of Europe, the Czech Republic, also affects the final price of the machine which makes a total of 89’200 EUR

Trumpf laser cut machine

3. Used laser cutting machine Trumpf Trulaser 3030. The third example we saved for last to showcase the machine which belongs to above-average pricing category. As you can see, the price of this machine 171’000 EUR is much higher than the first 2 offers. Price is conditioned by the fact that offer represents a special model of Trumpf laser – Trulaser as well as by the year of manufacture (2012) and location (Hungary, Europe).

Used laser cutting machine Trumpf

To sum it all up: the price of Trumpf laser cutting machine can vary. Yet, we can guarantee among Exapro offers you will find a machine that suits your needs 100%.


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