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On Exapro, laser cutting machines belong to the second biggest category of used machinery – Sheet metal machines. This category contains thousands of used machines, which are separated into 24 subcategories to make searching through the offers more convenient. Cutting machines – laser subcategory never fails to surprise with the great selection of used laser cutting machines for sale. Buyers can either browse through all offers or specify their search using the filters for a manufacturer, year of production or technical specification.

Amada lasers for Sale

Best manufacturers of laser cutting machines

Speaking of the most popular brands among laser cutting machines, it’s hard not to mention Trumpf lasers or Bystronic lasers. These two manufacturers have built a bulletproof reputation over the years of sales in the sheet metal sector. If you’re looking for any of these brands specifically, you can just type it into the search window or pick a brand from the list of all machine manufacturers on the left.

Amada laser cutting machine LC-1212 Alpha II

Amada LC-1212 Alpha II

Amada laser cutting machine

When mentioning the biggest names among laser cutting machines manufactures, we couldn’t miss Amada. Amada laser cutting machine was first produced in the US. However, nowadays you can find Amada machines spread all over the world. Laser cutting systems by Amada are using the latest advanced technology in laser manufacturing. Amada laser cutting machine solutions enable clients to maximize production capacity and increase profits.

Amada laser cutting technology

Laser cutting technology used in Amada machines allows for high cutting speeds. As a result, thanks to Amada laser cutting machine you can attain the flexibility to process a wide range of materials like steel, copper, aluminum, and brass. Amada machines have two systems installed: fiber laser or CO2 laser, ranging from 1kW to 9kW.

Amada lasers for Sale

Fiber laser cutting system Amada

Amada fiber laser cutting technology has the ability to process titanium, brass, or copper, materials that are otherwise impossible to process with CO2 laser beam. Hence, fiber laser cutting system by Amada has proven to help achieve P.R.E. – Process Range Expansion.

Fiber laser cutting machines by Amada are represented in several different model series: Ensis, LCG AJ, FLCAJ, FOL AJ.

Amada laser cutting machine LC 2415 A III

Amada laser cutting machine LC 2415 A III

Ensis series

Laser cutting series Amada Ensis is a 2kW fiber laser. Thanks to the installed highly innovative resonator, the diameter of laser beam can be automatically adjusted with great precision. A 2kW laser cutting system provides 4kW cutting capacity. Both thin and thick materials can be continuously processed with Ensis series lasers, without requiring a change of lens or any additional setup.

LCG AJ series

Amada laser cutting machine from LCG AJ series owns a mobile cutting head which moves on all three axis (X, Y, Z) while the material remains stationary. This feature allows increasing productivity and accuracy of the production on higher processing speeds. Laser cutting machines from LCG AJ series have the possibility to be fully automated.

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FLCAJ series

Lasers from FLCAJ series are unique models with no laser gas required, no mirrors or moving parts inside of the source. Such modification allows to greatly reduce machine’s operating and maintenance costs. FLCAJ fiber laser is super cost effective and economical as it consumes only a fraction of energy required by a CO2 laser.

FOL AJ series

Laser cutting machines from FOL AJ series are capable of producing final parts of the highest quality. These lasers are characterized by high production speeds, reduced operating costs, and more eco-friendly output. FOL AJ 2kW or 4kW lasers represent the fastest out of Amada’s fiber laser line.

Amada lasers for Sale

CO2 laser cutting system Amada

FOM2 RI 3015 NT series

CO2 laser cutting machines from Amada FOM2 RI 3015 series include an innovative technology – Rotary Index – providing the power and speed to efficiently cut mid to thick materials. The Rotary Index, located on one of three shuttle pallets, allows an easy switch from flat sheet cutting to tube or pipe cutting.

Amada Apelio II laser cutting machine

Amada Apelio II laser cutting machine

LCG 3015 series

This low-cost CO2 laser cutting machine is one of the latest additions to Amada CO2 laser line. Despite the lower budget, LCG 3015 machines have a built-in cutting edge resonator and an advanced motion system resulting in high quality of the end product.

FOM2 3015 NT series

The third generation of Amada’s most favorable FO laser series was introduced to the market in 1999. All lasers are equipped with a solid-cast frame, cut process monitoring, and auto-pierce detection. Installed high-precision motion system allows achieving the most perfect results.

LC F1 NT series

LC F1 NT series belong to the range of the newer laser cutting machines by Amada. Its innovative design comes together with the ultra-precise accuracy of production and superior cutting quality. All machines have a built-in 3-axis drive system, where no change of lens is required to switch from cutting thick to thin materials. This revolutionary model brings along the opportunity to achieve the highest level of productivity and precision. Among the main features, Cut Process Monitoring together with automatic nozzle changer set up a brand new standard for laser cutting machines.

Pulsar NT series

Laser cutting machines from Pulsar NT series are a combination of all the latest CNC and laser resonator technologies developed by Amada over the years. Pulsar series is specifically designed for high-volume production of sheet metal parts. Innovative features allow reliable high-speed processing, easy material loading, and automated unloading of multiple parts. Pulsar NT laser machines also feature an advanced laser cutting technology, Amada CleanCut™.

Quattro series

Quattro series features CNC and laser resonator technologies. This modern series also boasts a compact design and low operational costs compared to the high performance this machine provides.


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