dmg machine toolsDMG MORI is a popular name in the field of integrated technological solutions – and even more popular when it comes to innovative technologies that help manufacturers reduce their costs.

The unique approach that DMG MORI has brings together the best of the Japanese and German manufacturing tradition. Both Japan and Germany belong to the leaders of machine tool building sector thanks to incredible precision and high quality production. DMG is a name linked to a vast history in engineering, combining experience of Mori Seiki (68 years’ experience) and GILDEMEISTER (148 years).

Aside from engineering, DMG has been setting new standards in new technologies, developing trend-setting products that set the brand apart from the competition. The technological standards that have been set by DMG machine tools always ensure the maximum operating efficiency and excellence when it comes to meeting the demands and strengthening the performance capabilities.

DMG Mori Machines

Brand History

DMG MORI begins with the cooperation between two reputable brands in the engineering industry – GILDEMEISTER from Germany and the Japanese Mori Seiki. The long tradition, quality of workmanship and excellence is what brings together these two brands – and what helps them find a common target.

As of 2009, Mori Seiki together with GILDEMEISTER begin common activity in sales and service in Turkey and South East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan) – to later (2010) combine their activities and penetrate the market in USA and India. After their success and increased profits, the two brands start combining their activities in Europe and the Mori Seiki holds 20.1% of the voting rights of GILDEMEISTER.

The name DMG MORI, however, comes no sooner than 2011 – when the first joint trade fair of DMG MORI at the EMO in Hannover is being held – and when the new joint development is presented. The newly founded company has headquarters in Switzerland and directs all sales and service activities of the European DMG MORI companies.

The strategic cooperation between the brands intensifies over the years, letting the company expand and further strengthen its sales everywhere around the world. The committee from Switzerland directs and coordinates all activities of both companies and presents the new joint machine design in 18 different locations around the world.

From 2013, there is one brand for the world – DMG MORI SEIKI Company Limited, and DMG MORI for the sales and service organization. As soon as the new Global Headquarters in Tokyo are opened, new milestones are set and further strategic development is being introduced.

Aside from its strategic approach on the global market, DMG Mori strengthens its presence in Russia with the inauguration of the state-of-art production and assembly plants in Ulyanovsk, seeing it as a major advantage over many competitors. As of 2016, the company has numerous headquarters, technology and solution centers around the world.

Summing Up The Best Advantages Of DMG MORI

Some of the greatest advantages of DMG MORI as a brand include the high quality individual technological solutions, the great availability of spare parts for any DMG MORI machine (96%) as well as the qualified service and support – operated through a 24/7 hotline with service issues around the clock.

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The company also specializes in 3D software solutions and intelligent software products, where engineers are trained to optimize any production processes. All in order to meet the customer requirements and increase the operating efficiency and excellence.

Product Range: The DMG Products And Their Area Of Use

Generally, DMF MORI is a brand that focuses on four different technologies and machinery, including:

  • Turning – From universal turning to turn and mill, vertical production turning and horizontal turning, there is machinery available in all directions when it comes to turning technologies. There controls include CELOS/FANUC, CELOS/MITSUBISHI, CELOS/SIEMENS, FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, MAPPS, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS etc.
  • Milling – Horizontal, vertical and 5 axis milling are the basic technology segments when it comes to the milling machinery by DMG. The controls are quite similar to the turning technology and include different brands.
  • Grinding – DMG MORI is also among the leaders in grinding machinery – mostly focused on vertical grinding and FANUC controls. There are several grinding machines that tailor to the needs of the modern market.
  • Advanced Technology – These include additive manufacturing machines, ULTRASONIC and LASERTEC machinery with CELOS/SIEMENS and SIEMENS controls. The dozens of machines offer outstanding service and support.

There are more than 170 machines each specialized in different scope of work and fit as the perfect solution for the highest performance.

Average Prices Of DMG Machine Tools

There are both new and old machining centers manufactured by DMG MORI that can be found at affordable prices. For example, a second-hand DMG MORI machining center can be found for around $30k with less than 20,000 hours of use and a decade of lifespan.

However, the new machinery by DMG MORI has a greater price tag that starts from $200k depending on the type of the machining center. Some of the complete laser-based machines have a price tag of around $400k with all the standard features.

In the end, it definitely pays off to buy a DMG MORI machinery – whether new or used – and make most of your manufacturing needs with a machine that delivers nothing but quality and reliability in the long run.

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