For industrial machinery, air freight, also known as cargo aircraft, is the most suitable means of transportation. Its design is specifically for transporting heavily large items and not passengers. As a result, air freight has distinguishing features that separate it from that of a passenger aircraft. Some of these features are: high fuselage cross-section, highly-wheeled to enable contingent landing, entry tail that allows the cargo to be wheeled directly into the aircraft.

Are there benefits which accrue to opting for international air freight for machinery shipping between North America and Europe? International air freight has a huge cargo capacity and travels across diverse carriers when on a transshipment. More than any other option available to you, the following are reasons to transport machinery between North America and Europe using international air freight:


There is no choice without its unforeseen challenges. Air freight has no exemption. However, when the possibility of loss, damages or even airborne disasters are put in relation with its distinguishing features, air freight has an assuring security system. Similarly, the possibility of damage to machinery is not likely to happen. The fact that you are provided with an air freight tracking device makes it the most suitable.


Air freight is not cheap. Thus, for many, its use is for high value items or that which needs to reach a destination on time. This does not mean the price is outrageous. The most charged part depends on the weight and volume of the item. Large and heavy items take up more space than the small heavy items on the airline. That is why the level of price chargeable depends on weight. Is international air freight shipping of machinery between North America and Europe really cheap or exorbitant? Well, everything comes with a price. And no, it is not cheap. The amount chargeable depends on the relationship between the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

What is Actual weight?

This describes what the item shipped actually weighs. It also refer to as gross weight.

What is volumetric weight?

This can also be called dimensional weight. It describes the total weight calculated when the length, width and height of the item is put into consideration. That is: Volumetric weight = Length x Width x Height/Dimensional factor.

The method in calculating the charges for an item is in two ways. Depending on the way which is found applicable, the volumetric weight or the actual weight of the item could be adopted. There is a formula involved in the calculation as well.

What is the formula?

To calculate the volume/dimensional weight of an item that is to be shipped, the formula is 366 cubic inches per kilogram, 166 cubic inches per lbs or 6000 cubic centimetres per kilogram. Meanwhile, to calculate for airlines, do the following:

  • To obtain the cubic inches, multiply the length by the width and then by the height in inches.
  • To arrive at the dimensional weight in lbs using inches, split the cubic inch result arrived at from the above by 166. Where the dimensional weight is the same as the dimensions of the cargo.
  • On the other hand, you can get the dimensional weight in kg using inches. This is arrived at by splitting the cubic inch result using 366
  • Also, dimensions in centimetres can be used to obtain the dimensional weight in kg. To do this, multiply L x W x H in centimetres. Thereafter, divide the result derived by 6000.
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Having done the calculation, if the measurement by volume exceeds the original weight of the item, it is charged by the volumetric weight.

Meanwhile, there are other factors that may bring up the price level. They are:

Fuel surcharges

This fee cannot be predetermined due to fluctuating price of fuel across regions. However, what is charged depends on the average fuel price.

Container freight station

This fee is charged on items that have to be kept temporarily in facilities when leaving or entering a country until proper documentation like customs is provided.

Security surcharges

This relates to any extra fee payable for security parameters which are demanded for at airports. It could include screening and handling regulations which some particular items must pass through before being certified for passage. This is in accordance with Part 108 of the Airline Security Regulations.

Insurance payable on cargo. This fee falls on the shipper and not on the carrier or forwarder. Thus, cargo insurance is a necessity.

Other charges include handling charges, port to port transfers, warehousing fees, destination charges and accessorial charges, among others:


The speed of air freight cannot be doubted. When compared with any other type of transshipment option for industrial machinery like sea shipments, air freight is the best. Most sea shipments may take around a month (20-30 days) to arrive while air shipment may not take beyond one or two days. Well, for shipping business, especially as an auctioneer of industrial machines, faster is recommended. This means you can trust air freight for the most urgent shipment between North America and Europe. You want a machinery shipping facility that can deliver on time, choose international air freight.


In every business, integrity through reliability cannot be joked with. When compared with any other means of shipping heavy goods, air freight is on top of its game. Air freight services offer more dependable services. You can depend on air freight to deliver your industrial machinery to the destination on or before the expected time of arrival.


International air freight offers the most efficient airline experience. As a business man or auctioneer who is daily involved in shipping heavy items like industrial machineries, there are efficient loading and dispatch services that you stand to enjoy.

Irrespective of the probability of high shipping rate, international air freight remains the best option for industrial machinery. Where time is valued as money, it remains the final solution to getting industrial machinery delivered anywhere anytime.

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