cnc lathe manufacturersMazak turning centers

Mazak belongs to one of the best cnc lathe manufacturers. Turning centers by Mazak are used to produce cylindrical parts. The cutting tool within Mazak cnc lathe is moving on a linear axis while the workpiece is rotating. Such combination allows the lathe to reduce diameter of metal workpiece while turning. Mazak model range of CNC lathes includes turning centers with 2 axis up to cnc lathes with rotary tool spindles. CNC lathes are operated on the basis of programming language named MAZATROL which is highly popular due to the ability to handle all kinds of operations from very simple to those requiring four-axis machining. Turning centers by Mazak are highly powerful, efficient machines allowing to boost productivity of any metalworking business.

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Okuma cnc lathe

Okuma has one of the broadest selection of CNC lathe model lines in place. Clients can find Okuma horizontal lathes in various parameters based on the bed length or bore size. Okuma is known to create customized solutions to fit the production needs of any metalworking professional. The fact is, that numerous parts can be manufactured using just one machine – so versatile Okuma’s cnc lathes are. What is also special about Okuma cnc lathe machines is their capability to hold tight tolerances, which eliminates the necessity of separate final surface grinding or finishing operations. CNC lathes by Okuma have thermo-friendly design and distinguishable look. Innovative feature of THINC-OSP Control  allows to create optimal efficiency of production. Range of Okuma cnc lathes includes Genos L series, HJ series, LB EX series, LB series, LU EX series, LU series, MULTUS series and a few more.

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CNC lathes Haas

Haas cnc lathe or turning centers are characterized by their ability to provide highly accurate performance being thermally stable and rigid at the same time. Haas know-how is finite element analysis (FEA) which allows to optimize all machines to make them rigid at a maximum level. At the same time, FEA helps to improve coolant and chip flow while simplifying machine service and maintenance procedures. What is also distinctive about Haas cnc lathes is the 45-degree wedge spindle head design. Spindle heads are made in a compact symmetrical way. Naturally, the thermal stability and rigidity is staying on a high level. In its turn, tool changing is made extremely efficient improving the chip flow. Another big innovation in Haas cnc lathes are digital servomotors installed on all axes. Next-generation servomotors improve motion control, increase its precision and provide additional support for workpiece.

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Haas has a specific series of Toolroom lathes calles TL series which represents a user-friendly transition from manual machining to CNC. All lathes in the series have an in-built Intuitive Programming System that allows easy programming and operational set up. Knowledge of G-code is not even required!

Doosan cnc lathe

Cnc turning centers range by Doosan provides a wide selection of models: from medium and large cnc lathes to multitasking turning centers. The most famous Doosan cnc lathe series are Lynx and Puma. Lynx cnc lathes are characterized with large bar capacity and fast turret indexing. Ultra fast rapid traverse rates are also typical for Lynx machines.

When it comes to Puma series, it contains several model lines, starting from Puma 2100 series to Puma TT and TL series. Puma machines are specifically designed to handle heavy and interrupted cutting providing long-term precision and perfect finishing of metal parts.

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