widen means sales used machines exaproAs most of the machinery traders know, widening its sales channels can be fundamental when facing a change in the activity of the market, especially in times of crisis.

To do so, there are not plenty of solutions, particularly in a specific market as the one of trading used industrial machines. Extending its distribution network by selling internationally is here the best solution.

The market of used industrial equipment has changed a lot over the past few years. Thanks to the development of IT and the Internet, today exchanges are global and machines are sold to and from the four corners of the earth.

The traders leaders on the market today all took the step and went international. Doing so is not easy though and a consequent investment is usually necessary: from the translation of a website to the recruiting of new team members speaking several languages including the promotion of these new services abroad, it can cost a lot and the return on investment doesn’t come right away.

The idea of entrusting a specialist with its international sales makes sense. No investment is required, all one has to do is to send a list of the equipments for sale for the specialist to publish them on the internet and translate them for free. The chances of selling are multiplied without spending a penny, a commission system is applied on successful sales. That’s at least how Exapro is working, the international marketplace for used plant machinery.

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Since its funding 10 years ago, Exapro got to convince thousands of traders throughout the world. More than 18 000 are using the industrial platform for maximizing their chances of selling. Some of them decided to give testimonials which can be found on the clients testimonials page.

The services offered by Exapro are explained on a special page dedicated to used plant machinery traders.

If you have a question about the way Exapro is working or if you would like to know how Exapro can help you develop your international sales, do not hesitate to contact us.

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