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Here a quick presentation about the extrusion process.

Extrusion is applicable to several materials: metal, rubber, composite materials… In this article, we will focus mainly on thermoplastics extrusion.

But what is extrusion process exactly?

It is a process in which granule materials are pressured to shape them as long components.

This is a method of processing synthetic organic materials into granular state which allows  the pressurized material to transform it into a long profile.

We can thus obtain through the extrusion of plastic profiles for doors, windows, pipes, sheets, wire, etc.


There are three different types of extrusion:

Film extrusion: used to make plastic films
Blowing extrusion: used to manufacture bottles
Inflating extrusion: used to produce plastic bags

Here is an example of the main parts of an extrusion line:

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After receiving materials the extruder mixes and heats it, raises the temperature to push in toward the element which is going to shape the final products while cooling it down.

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