knitting machineEven if it is not often known, used knitting machines for socks production have been used for more than one century. With the constantly increasing demand, they ease the production and make it very efficient.

The most common brands we have on the market today are Lonati, Sangiacomo, Matec or Bentley. Furthermore, we can also see Happy knitting machines, Colosio knitting machines, Irmac or Santoni knitting machines, all for making socks!

What you can do with the machine

These knitting machines are specialized in socks production. Moreover, you can also use them for scarves, mittens and many more. Depending on the type of machine, they can be for men’s or women’s socks. Different type of product can be knitted – ankle socks, knee socks, stockings, dress socks, ribbing,…

The knitting machines for socks can do heels and toes as well.

Nowadays, there is almost no limitation in the yarn you use. You can easily find an appropriate machine for any type of yarn you can think of!

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Important features of knitting machines

When you consider buying knitting machine for socks, you should always look at the number of cylinders. Machine can be a single or a double cylinder. Very important is also the number of needles, diameter and gauge.

Price and condition of the machine

In the used machinery market, you can find a knitting machine for socks for a really good price! We always recommend to check the condition of the machine by inspecting the machine. As the production of these machines is slighlty limited, the machines can be older. However, that can still be in a good working condition! Therefore it is really important to see the machine before purchase.

How many socks can be produced?

To show how beneficial these machines can be for a company, I will use the example of one type on knitting machine – used LONATI 462. This machine can easily knitt 20 dozen of socks within 24 hours. That means 240 pairs of sock a day!

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