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Germany is internationally recognized for its reliable and quality industrial sector. Between the car industry, the electrical engineering  and the chemical industry, the country can rely on a dynamic industrial sector to participate to the growth. Let us take a closer look at the German case concerning the industry and especially the machine market.

Germany/Russia : a bilateral relation

Germany and Russia maintain an enriching business relation, providing one another important economic opportunities. Indeed, Russia, as the second exporter of natural resources in the world after Saudi Arabia, furnishes to Germany a high quantity of fossil energies. According to some sources, Germany imports 40% of gaz and 30% of oil.

On the other hand, Russia that misses quality industrial equipment often calls on its European partner to have press brakes. In 2011, the export of machines to Russia has increased of 50% either a business of around 184 million euros. But Russia is not the only one client of Germany, Italy is also for 95 million euros of transactions and China for 69 million euros.

Machine tools, foundation of the German industry

Presses represent a big part of the German industrial activity but it is not the more lucrative one. Indeed, machine tools for example bring records datas, 209 million euros for 2012. In spite of the crisis, Germany enjoys a dynamic industrial sector. German manufacturers of machine tools are one of the biggest producers for the national industry. And, Russia is not the only one that profits from the German industry. In 2012, France has imported for more than 331 million euros of machine tools. And China one of the first buyers for 2,3 billion euros.

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The predictions for 2013 announce a positive state for the activity. Indeed, the year 2013 would register a growth of 2% for the machine tools sector. This is good news for the machine tools market but also for the used machines activity. Indeed, it probably be profitable for the sector of the second hand machines that the first hand market maintains the activity. So you could find used machine tools as used press brakes or polishing machines for a good price and a a good quality.

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