After explaining the principle of plastics extrusion, let’s look today at how a lathe is working and what is workable with this kind of machine.

First of all, what is lathing?

Lathing is the operation of using cutting tools for taking material off a cylindrical piece in order to shape it differently.

The material is taken off by rotating the piece to be shaped and using the cutting tools (see figure below)

Piece before lathing

Piece before lathing

Piece while lathing

Piece while lathing






There are several lathing operations that can be listed in two categories:

1. External lathing


chamfering                     grooving               straight turning

When the tool only cuts the surface of the piece, we call it external lathing. You can see on the images below the different kinds of external lathing operations. The parts being cutted are shown in red.

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raising           raising and straight turning        threading

2. Internal lathing:

When the tool cuts the inside of the piece, we call it internal lathing. Unlike the external lathing, the tool is placed on the top of the piece.

Here are the main internal lathing operations:

boring                    boring and raisong               drilling

tracking                  tracking and pointing               grooving

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