machine tools belgiumLocated between Nederlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, Belgium can take advantage of a great location for the market of used machine-tools.

Its proximity with the United Kingdom also offers interesting possibilities for doing business with this part of Europe. Having a presence of Belgium market since its launch over 10 years ago, Exapro will today make you discover the market of used machine-tools and sheetmetal machines in Belgium.

A market dominated by French brands…

A great part of machine-tools that are on the used market are French branded. The proximity, trading bonds and French language common to these two countries can explain this phenomenon.

We can find for instance in good places the brand Haco, mainly press brakes with or without CNC. There are also machines from the brand SAF, mainly used benders.

To focus only on the main brands, we can mention Colly-Bombled, well represented both on the Belgium and on the French market. This brand offers a wide choice of machines: plate rolling machines, shears, bending machines… This brand has a lot of sheetmetal machines.

… with other well developed actors

We can also find in Belgium all main brands of the sector. There are for instance machines from Mazak or Amada, two Japanese brands well known among users of sheetmetal machines and machine-tools. Just like in other European countries, Mazak and Amada are well represented on the used machines market in Belgium.

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Coming next, we find Messar (German – plasma and laser cutting machines), TOS (Czech – wide choice of machine-tools: machining centers, milling machines, drilling machines…), Correa (Spanish – milling machines and machining centers), to cite only European based brands.

If we widen the scope of research, we also find Cincinatti, an American brand (drilling and milling machines mainly).

We couldn’t finish this article without mentioning LVD, the Belgium brand of sheetmetal machines. They are mainly offering:

– shears

– plasma/laser cutting machines

– press brakes

– plate rolling machines

– …

For Exapro the market of used machine-tools is quite important. We have hundreds of machines, only in this category. It is the same for sheetmetal machines, these two categories being closely linked.

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