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Machine Frame The design of the machine frame is a critical part of any machine with relation to its ability to produce accurate parts for a long period of time. Durma uses several different types of construction depending on the certain dimension such as length, tonnage, stroke, daylight and throat/depth. For details on Durma’s unique box frame construction please the ADSL datasheet.

Cylinder Connection In order to allow tilting of the ram without damage, special spherical seating and connections are used. This type of connection also allows sudden forces to be absorbed gently.

Precision Machining Modern machining centers are utilized for accuracy, rigidity, and smooth operation. Frames, assembly surfaces and connection holes are machined after the welding process, up to 60’ in a single pass. Surface machining nearly to grinding tolerance: within .002” to .004”. In comparison, inaccurate machining can result in differences between Y1 Y2 (ram level) axes, difficulty holding tools parallel, difficulty holding tool dimensional tolerances and high vibration during the bending process.

Durma used machines

Durma used machines

Ergonomic Working Height Lower beam (bed) height for most machines is optimized at approximately 35 to 36” (excluding die holders and dies) for ergonomic operation. Lower Deflection & Longer Life Acceptable industry stress standards for material is 8.5 kg/mm2 stress. All Durma machines must meet a value of 5-6 kg/mm2 . These strict standards reduce deflection and increase frame durability and the ability to hold tolerances over long periods of heavy use. All incoming plate must be certified the Durma’s standards and requirements. Durma’s high frame rigidity and robustness provides long-term accurate bending.

Shimless Bending ADS, ADH & ADSL Standard | ADR Optional Independent left and right axes (Y1,Y2) are controlled by electronic servo valves and electronic linear position controllers. CNC-controlled motorized crowning system homogenizes bending, which forces every point of the bending parts to acquire straight bends. The need for shimming is eliminated.

Durma laser cutting machines

Laser cutting machines by Durma brand belong to the new generation of metalworking equipment. Laser technology is actively used in all manufacturing industries, including the production of metal cutting equipment.

The laser cutting machine is the equipment of the new century. Compared with traditional equipment, the machine for laser cutting of metals has significant advantages:

  • gives a perfectly smooth cut;
  • thanks to the focusing of the cutting laser, the thickness of the cut is measured by microns;
  • computer control makes it possible to program the cutting of any configuration;
  • cutting is done very quickly and accurately.
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Durmazlar produces laser cutting machines of several varieties. The industrial system HD Series is able to perform any task of cutting metal raw materials and other materials, thanks to a thoughtful combination and effective set of working functions. The modern laser beam generator provides high performance, the sensor system prevents any malfunctions during operation.

The more compact laser cutting machine Compact Laser also has the highest cutting quality, has an affordable price, is convenient and reliable. To install it, you do not need a foundation, the cutting is performed in the “automatic” mode with good efficiency, the ability to reconfigure control parameters right during operation is provided.

Each machine manufactured at Durmazlar plants undergoes rigorous testing, meets all requirements for laser equipment, is officially recommended for sale on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. By purchasing a laser cutting machine through official representatives, customers receive quality assurance of equipment, the possibility of branded service and economic benefits due to the absence of overpayments.

Punching presses by Durma

Among the metalworking equipment, an important place is occupied by a coordinate-type punch press with programmed control – a modern version of machine tools for forming (punching, punching) metal blanks from sheet materials. The well-known Turkish company Durmazlar produces CNC coordinate punching presses that meet the most demanding approach to molding equipment of today. All models of presses ensure flawless accuracy of the operations performed and demonstrate high productivity.

Advantages that distinguish the coordinate punching machine Durma with CNC:

  • high-speed operation mode;
  • approximate to the ideal accuracy of the configuration of the obtained blanks;
  • quick payback due to high efficiency;
  • possibility of optimization of the whole production process.

Company Durmazlar represents coordinate punching presses with CNC model series:

FP – with the head part of a fixed type.
RP – with a rotating head (FP and RP Series machines are designed for 6 tools).
TP – coordinate piercing press with a turret-type head for 27 tools.
The production of coordinate punching machines uses high-precision hydraulic systems Bosch-Rexroth HNC-100, reliable and sensitive servo drives SIEMENS. The CNC is controlled by SINUMERIK 840 DI – also the latest SIEMENS technology. Deliveries of co-ordinate punched presses Durma are carried out by the official representative of the company in the Republic of Belarus. Metalworking equipment, which has consistently high quality and optimally balanced value, enjoys well-deserved success with enterprises representing representatives of various spheres of production.

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