We all know or have someone, who works with sheet metal machineries. Be it our friends or our employees. If you have employees working with sheet metal machines, then you should seriously consider your workplace safety measures. If you are an employee working with sheet metal machines, then safety must be your biggest concern.

For employers, it does not matter whether you have got used sheet metal equipment or new sheet metal machinery, all of those can hurt someone. If a worker gets hurt while working and somehow that is your fault, then you are surely up for bigtime. Now, if you want to avoid getting into trouble, then you must go through this suggestion and apply accordingly.

Training Time

The best way to save yourself and your workers is by giving them a proper training session. The sheet metal working machines are special and require proper training. Sheet metal tools and their uses consist of custom metal fabrication like metal bending and cutting, HVAC installation etc. Without proper training, an employee might do something wrong and end up hurting himself or herself. A proper and detailed training session which will include:

  • how to use the machines safely instructions
  • what to do if an accident happens procedures

For even more safety, a pamphlet with the key instructions can be handed out to the employees. But the training session is a must if you want the employees to be safe and productive.

Protective Clothing

Sheet metal machinery users must wear protective clothing. Sheet metals can become very hot while fabricating and might result in severe physical damages. You can know about some of the protective clothing and their uses in here.

Goggles: If you love your eyes then you must not forget this item. While cutting metal sheets, sometimes flying debris come shooting out of the machine. There is a high chance that you will get hit by one of the debris. If you get hit in the eyes, then getting blind is inevitable.

Gloves: I have never seen a worker without his or her gloves. As mentioned earlier, machines can become hot during the working process. Besides that, the metal sheet cuttings can be sharp. If an employee runs his hands over a sharp cut, then there is a chance that he will get injured. Also, while lifting and moving metal sheets, gloves are a must.

Safety Shoes: There might be a possibility that someone steps on the sharp metal bits lying on the floor. Also, someone could slip and fall onto something hot machines or sharp metal sheets. Or something heavy could fall on the feet while working. Safety shoes can help in this situation. These can protect feet to some extent.

These are the common safety wearables. Other than these ones should opt for anything that is able to protect the body from accidents.

Store Safely

Metal scraps can be dangerous. Metal sheets must be kept in an appropriate manner. Sheets stored in an unstable position can lead to very dangerous accidents. Also, smaller tools should be kept inside the toolbox. It is extremely important that the whole workspace is cleaned every day and if possible then to work in a more systematic way.

Back and Neck Injuries Can be Avoided

Many workers complain about back and neck strains. This happens because of the inappropriate lifting of metal sheets. A worker should lift metal sheets using the leg muscles. Using the back, neck and hand muscles might result in an injury. This type of injuries can keep a worker out of works for weeks. Another way to avoid this injury is by using tools to carry metal sheets. In the case of using tools, the worker must know how to handle these tools properly.

Tools Must be Kept in Check

Using tools and not keeping those in check can cause troubles. We all know that any kind of malfunctioning tools can lead to health risks. Common sheet metal machines are shears and grinders. A dull pair of shears can often make working too difficult. Also, sheet metal machines sometimes get too hot. Too much heat generation can be dangerous. There might be some kinds of machines that need machine oil to work.

These machines may not be directly linked to sheet metal fabrication but are used in the workshop. Sometimes these machines get an oil leak. This can happen due to loosening oil filter caps. These oil filter caps can be tightened up by lawnmower oil filter wrenches. So, in order to keep out of trouble or any kinds of injuries, tools must be kept in check.

Top-notch Attention Needed

Employees must work with pure concentration. Because a slight mistake or indifference can lead to severe accidents. Pushing sheets metals into the machines is a regular thing while working with sheet metal machineries. In that particular moment, accidents can happen due to loose clothes. Jewelry can result in accidents too as these can be caught up with the sheet and go into machines. So, while handling the hot and sharp sheet metal a worker must be fully attentive.  

Safety over Everything

If the employer and worker maintain all these suggestions, then the rate of accidents will decrease for sure. The main responsibility of the employer is to provide the training and necessary safety materials like gloves and goggles. The rest is up to the employee.

Maintaining security while working with complex machines like laser sheet metal cutters can be dangerous in the wrong hands. So, one must know how to use before starting to work. Any difficulties while using the machines must be reported. Steps like these help in achieving a big goal like a secure working habit of a sheet metal worker. Be safe.

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