how long does it take to buy used machineryIn the world of industrial machines, deals don’t happen spontaneously. Online shopping for used machinery – whether it has some similarities to the standard shopping process – also has certain differences. The most distinctive feature is that the time frame within which the deal is closed is longer than normal in the consumer goods field.

How Long a Purchase Takes?

First, let’s have a look at the example of our regular shopping habits. Let’s say, you’re in need of a new car. So you check some websites online to find what you are looking for. Most importantly, you choose a trusted platform to look for a new car. A seller or re-seller with a good reputation and tracked client’s feedback. You pick your dream car based on the price, brand, technical parameters and most likely the location of the seller. The time frame between the moment when you start looking and the moment when you go to see the car in person is actually quite short, depending on how quickly you find what you’re looking for.

Time Needed to Buy Used Machinery

When it comes to used machinery purchase, the process is almost identical to the one described above. However, there is a major difference in purchase time since machinery deals require more time to be successfully closed. Why so? The main reason is the time needed to inspect machines as machinery buyers and sellers are usually located in different countries and even on different continents. In addition, there are other factors to be calculated when trying to determine the best time to start looking for a new machine. And here are the stages of the buying process, each stage taking a certain amount of time depending on an individual case.

Start buying now

Find a reliable source

The first crucial stage which is going to require time is to pick a reliable source for used machinery purchase. You can buy a machine directly from the partners you know or use the advantage of global online marketplaces like Exapro. In case you go for the online option, be sure to follow the client’s references and how the whole process of buying/selling works. On Exapro, we provide a detailed explanation of how Exapro works and how you can buy machines with Exapro. Invest as much time as needed into this phase, don’t rush your decisions to assure the future deal will bring a satisfying result.

Search for machine

As soon as you pick the source, you can dive deep into searching for a suitable machine. Since Exapro is an online tool, we’ve implemented as many tools as possible to not let you waste any time on search. Using filters and other search options you will find what you need within minutes. All offers on Exapro have a detailed description including technical specification of machines and majority of the offers also comes with pictures to help you visualize your future purchase.

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Get in touch with the seller

Found a machine that looks like the one you need? Don’t hesitate to click on Contact Seller button to get up to date information about the machine and answers to any questions you might have. You will get the answers promptly, Exapro agents take care of every request and provide the needed specifications. If you’re seriously interested in buying the machine, you will be put in touch with the seller directly. From that moment, you can discuss your next steps with the seller.

Arrange the viewing

And the next significant step will be to arrange the viewing and inspect the machine in person. Very little machinery deals are made without inspection on site. Of course, you could always be the trustful exception and buy the machine without checking it. Nevertheless, the majority of buyers prefers to see the machine before the purchase is made. Arranging inspection also takes some time depending on the location of buyer and seller. If the machine of your choice is located in a different country, you’d have to arrange a flight (or other means of transport) to get to the spot and accommodation in the destination. Machinery inspection itself can be done within one day.

Close the deal

The deal is considered closed when all the necessary papers are signed between the buyer and the seller. This phase could be very quick but, on the other hand, it can take some time to bring the agreement to a form both buyer and seller would be happy with.


Transportation is the factor buyer and seller agree upon before signing the deal. The agreement should clearly state who is taking care of machinery transportation and the expenses associated with it. On rare occasions, the seller would arrange the delivery of the machine and include the costs in the final price. However, in the majority of cases machines are sold on ExWorks conditions. That means after the deal is officially closed, the buyer can start arranging the delivery – finding the logistics company, taking care of the insurance etc. You can find more information on machinery shipment in our article Shipping machinery overseas.


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