How To Get More Buyers For Your MachinesOn Exapro marketplace for used machinery, we have two major categories of machinery sellers. The first big category of sellers are the end users of machinery. Manufacturers, production managers, plant owners – all those who are actually using the equipment they are about to sell.

The most common reason why end users sell their machinery? Most probably they need to refresh the technical equipment in order to increase productivity and efficiency of production. Another reason could be the close down of the business, in this case, all used machines are offered for sale at once.

However, things are different with the second biggest category of sellers on Exapro: machinery re-sellers or machinery dealers. For this group of sellers, their main priority is to sell the machine for the best possible price. Another rule also applies, the sooner the machine is sold, the better. Today’s article is dedicated to machinery dealers. Let’s learn about new ways how to reach out to industrial machinery buyers, get more buyers for your machines and have more successful deals.

Understanding Buyers Thinking

The key to a successful deal is to understand what the buyer is thinking. This topic is actually quite broad, yet we’ll try to keep it short and simple. A simplified buying cycle could be broken down to three stages.

  1. Awareness – customer first becomes aware of your product. Or it could also be the point where a customer first becomes aware of a need that they want to fulfill buying your product. In case of used machinery, the client realizes the need for the new machine, due to the breakdown of his former equipment (as an example).
  2. Consideration – at this stage the customer is considering to buy a product to fulfill the need and starts to look into different options.
  3. Purchase – the customer is ready to buy your product.

The most qualified customers and customers with the biggest buying potential come from the second and third categories. Potential customers that are later in the buying cycle are most likely to be using online tools like Google, and review sites to search for vendors and products to solve their needs. Those leads are highly valued because there is a high level of buyer intent. They are usually in the Consideration or Purchase stages of the buying cycle.

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300 000 potential buyers

Get More Industrial Machinery Buyers

Machinery overhaul

Selling statistics says used machines in good and excellent condition have a much higher chance of being sold. As a machinery dealer, you most probably have several machines for sale on stock. It pays off to evaluate the condition of each machine and consider an investment in machinery overhaul. Timely maintenance will increase the purchase price of the machine and help you close the deal in a shorter time.

Detailed description and machine pictures

Speaking of the buyers’ expectations, nowadays people expect to receive the most detailed information about the product they are going to buy remotely. This surely applies to used machinery buyers too. As a reseller, you can make buyer’s experience more pleasant (and again increase your chances of selling a machine) by providing good quality pictures of the machine followed by a detailed description of its condition. Don’t hide any information, the best policy is to be honest about the machine’s state and performance. When it comes to pictures, provide two-three general view pictures and a few close-ups to bring forward certain parts of the machine. Needless to say, the lighting should be good and images should be in focus.

Online marketplace

Advertising your machine on an online international platform rapidly increases your chances of finding a qualified buyer. Many machinery dealers use Exapro to advertise their machines since Exapro offers a non-exclusive service. The non-exclusivity feature means that you shouldn’t commit to offering your machines on Exapro only. You can use as many advertising options and place your machine on as many online marketplaces as you wish. However, if a buyer finds your machine on Exapro, it is a win-win situation for both sides.


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