How Long Does It Take to Sell Used MachineryAfter having some clarity regarding the buying process, let’s pour the light on the selling side of things. Being a seller, your main concern is to find a reliable buyer for your machine. From the seller’s perspective, it’s also important the machine is being sold without any unnecessary delay. Actually, how long does it take to sell used machinery? Read on to put a time frame on the selling process of used industrial equipment.

Selling used machinery online

Taking Exapro as the example of an online marketplace, let’s have a look at how selling used machinery works. Any seller from anywhere in the world can list an unlimited number of machines on Exapro. This service is free and – as we just mentioned – unlimited. So any number of offers can be placed on Exapro. All is needed to start selling is to provide technical information and description of machines you’d like to offer. The more detailed description the better, pictures also help a great deal. As soon as the offer is placed, buyers worldwide will be able to browse your machines and send inquiries.

Sell your machines online

Steps of the selling process

You fill in product form

First things first, and to understand how long it takes we need to realize the necessary steps of the selling process. So it all starts with seller placing a machine on offer through our online form. How long does it usually take to provide a description of your offer? Generally, it should only take a few minutes. We made product form very interactive and user-friendly so that you have no trouble filling it in.

According to our internal statistics, the more details you provide about the machine the higher the chance of the machine being sold quickly. Almost 99% of the successful deals are made on the machines with detailed descriptions and a few product pictures. A product form is a powerful tool of the modern online trade. Among the steps of the selling process, it is the only thing requiring any effort from the seller’s perspective. Since the rest is taken care of by Exapro agents. So take your time to make sure properly completed form brings you a successful deal.

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Potential buyers send inquiries

Thousands of potential customers browse Exapro online catalog on a daily basis. Thanks to a friendly system of filters, buyer’s search for the right machine is easy. For any machine, the buyer can send a request through Contact seller feature. When using Exapro service to sell your machines, all the requests for your machine will be received by your Exapro agent. A personal agent will take care of any questions buyers might have regarding the machine. The agent will also determine the most highly qualified buyers with a serious interest in the machine you offer. Just like that, with hardly any effort involved from your side, you can sell machines on Exapro!

How Long Does It Take

In Exapro, we like numbers, data, and statistics. Following the selling trends in 2016, we discovered that on average machines were sold on Exapro after 8 months since being published in the catalog. However, on a monthly basis we have examples of successful deals made only within 2-3 months or even less. For sellers, this fact means only one thing: do not expect an immediate deal, yet put some effort in providing a good description of your product and leave the rest to Exapro!


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