online machine inspectionMachinery inspection is an inseparable part of used machinery purchase process. Before you buy any used item – be it a car or an industrial machine – you naturally want to make sure everything works smoothly. Who would want to spend money on a used machine that can’t actually perform. Hence, machinery viewing is a crucial phase when the buyer can finally make up his mind on whether he’d complete the purchase.

Living in a globalized world, we appreciate instant and simple solutions. Globalization also bring along certain challenges, such as when you trade machines internationally, buyer and seller of the machine could be separated by thousands of miles. Let’s say, a buyer from Germany would like to purchase a machine which is currently located in Australia. The price is accurate, machine condition is good and overall it seems to be a perfect fit. However, adding the travelling costs for machine inspection can decrease the value of the whole deal. And what if the inspection shows some imperfections, would that mean that all the travelling effort was for nothing? So here is a good chance to introduce an alternative to physical machinery viewing – online machine inspection.

Using online technology for machine inspection

Since we’re surrounded by online technology and artificial intelligence, why not to make a good use out of it? Every businessman nowadays has a smartphone with a camera. Together with the smartphone usually comes at least half a dozen of communication / messenger apps. Combined together, it represents a perfect opportunity to view the machine without having to travel across the globe. Upon agreement with the seller, machine can be inspected via an online call. All is needed for online inspection is internet connection and a smartphone with good quality camera. On a pre-set time and date, buyer can call the seller using one of the online messengers. When seller answers the video-call, online translation will start immediately allowing buyer to see everything on the other side of the camera. This way buyer can inspect the machine in details by just asking the seller to point the camera on different parts of the machine. Online inspection also makes it possible to see machine in operation, check the technical data or the overall condition of the machine. Modern, simple and very efficient method of machine inspection.

Benefits of online machine inspection

  • Cost saving. Saving cost on travelling to destination plus other unexpected expenses is the biggest benefit of online inspection. Instead of buying costly flights or train tickets, spending money on petrol etc. buyer can execute machinery viewing from the comfort of his workplace. All he needs to do is make an agreement with the seller and proceed with the viewing via video conference.
  • Time saving. Imaging travelling for a few hours just to see the machine briefly. In a situation when buyer and seller are located in different countries, travelling time can never compare to the time of actual – even very thorough – inspection.
  • Allows to see machine in details – save screenshots

If you’d like to try a new modern way to inspect machines, don’t hesitate to propose this method to buyer / seller side. In case mutual agreement is achieved, there can be no obstacle for online machinery inspection. How did your machine inspection went? Please share your stories in the comments.