As a manufacturer or manager of industrial activities, you will at one point or the other need to own a truck. Even for homeowners, it is one of the resourceful assets that make mobility of the family or belongings easy.

When it comes to making the decision however, getting a new model of heavy truck may cost you a large portion of your budget because of the additional utility unlike a car. In the same vein, renting a heavy truck does not appeal as a good option either.  Thus; it is best to purchase a used heavy truck. Mind you, the wrong notion that used heavy trucks are of inferior quality need to be examined. What we noted is that the term “used” does not out rightly mean it is in a bad state. It could just mean that some spare parts replace some broken ones or that a buyer returned it having realized that it does not meet his preference or needs. Therefore, you should be aware that it is still possible to get the best from a used heavy truck rather than purchasing a new one.

In contrast to new models, you pay less compared to the original price you would have bought a new one. Besides the aforementioned, you need to look out for some other factors. They are considered below:

Note any need for repairs

When considering a used heavy truck, you should pay attention to the extra costs that may rise from repairs you may need to make on the truck. Such repairs include replacement of nuts and bolts; new wheels, repainting of the body, brake parts, door parts and new engine parts, among others. Noting these will help you make informed choices about whether to buy a used heavy truck or a new model. Also, see the interior designs, brake, fluids and smoke emission, among others. When buying, you should know what you can compromise and what you cannot.

Private seller or dealership

While a private seller provides with getting more resourceful knowledge from the owner of the truck, purchasing a used heavy truck from a dealer is the best option. Due to our long year of experience at Bidsuite powered by 2 of the most established machinery marketplaces: Exapro and Kitmondo; and having been able to partner with many companies in the auction industry, we can authoritatively say it is the best decision you can never regret. What are the advantages?

  • Varieties of warranties.
  • Opportunity to inspect the truck fully by experts. What you should know is that our former partners at Bidsuite values their integrity and will never take up any used item for sale without being certain about its state.
  • Trade-in-options.
  • Adequate legal protection. Any used heavy truck that you will purchase from auctioneers/sellers through our platform is legitimate.

Identify certificate of title

Never purchase a used heavy truck without checking the certificate of title. This does not only tell you about the ownership of the truck, it lets you know about where you are buying from and the original state of the truck when it was first purchased. How do you know this from the certificate? Well, there are various types of titles. They are:

  1. Clean title: A heavy truck with this title does not have any history of compromise. You can buy any truck with this title with nothing to worry about.
  2. Salvage title: By this title, it means a vehicle has had a history of accident. It also means the the vehicle already has many damage to important parts and outrageous cost of repair. Consequently, when finally repaired by an expert, it gets the salvage title. It is best to avoid vehicles with this type of title except if the report states that there is no major parts affected.
  3. Flood vehicle and Lemon law buyback titles: Avoid heavy trucks with this type of titles as well.
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Does it meet your needs?

It is easier to see a good used heavy truck and forget the real purpose of wanting to purchase. Thus, you need to ascertain your needs before you settle down to any truck. 

  • You intend it for a family drive, then you should be more concerned about the seating arrangement and capacity. 
  • On the other hand you only want to use it for towing vehicles, you should pay attention to its horsepower and towing capacity. 
  • It is for hauling, consider the hauling ability as well before purchasing.
  • Consider its level of performance in relation to whether you will be using it on highways or in mini-roads, for commercial or personal purpose, among others.

Put your preference first

Having identified your real need for the heavy truck, let your preference be a priority. Do not settle for a truck if for example, it does not have a capacity for all the members of your family. 

Test-run the car

Never make the mistake of depending alone on what you are told. Before you pay and settle all documents, make sure you test-run the car. Drive the truck for at least 15 miles and then stop. Take a second test-run and see if it would start or work the same way as in the first. Have it examined completely by a trusted and professional mechanic; do not test-run all by yourself. The mechanic will be able to identify engine smoothness, rattle and wind noises that you may not be able to note on your own.

Carry out background check

It is possible to carry out a background check about any accident which a heavy truck got involve in. When such a report is available, you will be able to know any affected part. Then carry out an assessment of how it may affect performance and durability. Other damages that you can verify through background check include flood and fire incidents. This is another reason it is advisable to purchase used heavy trucks from agents or trustworthy auction platforms. 

The best advice is to go through a trustworthy platform as it will enable you to get the best for whatever you are paying for. More than anything, many of the above which you may have to personally bother about would have been done for you. At the end of the day, time and money get saved.

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