sell used injection moulding machinePlastic machines that are the most commonly used – and therefore the most widespread on the market of used machines – are injection moulding machines. This equipment makes possible working plastic materials by melting it and by injecting it into a mould in order to shape it as wished.

Users of injection moulding machines need someday to sell their machines. This can be due to a change in the activity of the company or more generally to a need to replace old machines

How to set the price of a used injection moulding machine

In order to sell a plastic machine – and in particular an injection moulding machine – the main info of the machine has to be provided.

Generally speaking, you can start by defining the selling price of of the machine. There are several ways to do it (see our article about how to set the price of a used machine). You can already apply a 20% to 50% devaluation on the price of the machine when it was new depending on its age and state.

For the rest, you can compare prices online to get an idea. Anyhow, you can also offer your machine at a certain price and lower it every 2/3 months if you see you are not getting any request.

Once the price is set, all you need to do is to gather important data and information about the equipment.

Main data and information to sell an injection moulding machine

To sell your injection moulding machine at the best price and as soon as possible, you need to provide as many details as possible.

Firstly, providing several pictures of the machines should be considered mandatory. Any potential buyer will ask for pictures before considering seeing or buying the machine. If you have the possibility to tape a video of the machine in working conditions, it is even better.

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The general state of the machine together with its potential malfunctions also need to be added to the offer in order to prevent anyone from loosing time in case it gets discovered later on. You can for instance state if the machine is:

– in production

– dismantled

– under power

– unplugged

– etc…

Once these details are gathered, it’s time to go technical.

Technical data for the sale of an injection moulding machine

In order to give the most relevant information to clients looking for used injection moulding machines, you need to provide the main technical details.

First of all, the power in tons has to be stated. It is the main information and the easiest one to know. Then, the shot volume (in cm3 or in3) and the shot weight (in grams or in oz). These two details allow the buyer to see if the machine if the machine can meet his expectations.

The screw diameter is also a detail to be provided, same for the distance between tie bars.

To finish, details such as the pressure on material, the platen dimensions, the opening of the machine or the L/D ratio are also interesting to state.

Once you have all these details, all you need to do is to put it for sale. To do so, you can go on this page and add your machine for free.

It will be part of our catalogue which is visited each month by more than 300 000 buyers from all around the world.

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