Let’s start this week with the blow-molding and extrusion experts Bekum. With over 50 years of experience in this manufacturing sector, Bekum machines will not disappoint you, that’s for sure! You will find on Exapro website all the best quality Bekum machine, very well known for their prowess in the crafting of plastic-made bottles and vials.

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The Master of Extrusion-blow Moulding

Created in Berlin in 1958 by its founder Gottfried Mehnerf, Bekum Maschinenfabriken GmbH is a German manufacturer specializing in extrusion-blow moulders. As a forerunner of the plastic industry, he designed its first drawing-blowing machine when he was barely 20 years old. His findings allowed him to play an important part in the history of the plastic industry. The company, along with its five branches worldwide, has registered over 40 patents and has developed groundbreaking equipment markets: Bottleneck gauging (1963), the co-extrusion of multicolor tubes theory (6) in the seventies for example. Gottfried Mehnert was admitted in the plastic industry “Hall of Fame” in recognition of his important influence and thus testifying of his skills.

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Quality and Adaptability: Bekum Blowers Highlights

Bekum blowers are designed for all types of plastic wraps. You will be able to find models adapting to any of your needs and fulfilling all your expectations. The Eblow 307 is perfect for crafting shampoo bottles and beauty-cream jars.

The BM model is perfect for food packaging like milk and juices bottles. The BM 406 model is meant for the cleaning products such as detergents. The BM-506 is used for jerrycan under 10L. For jerrycans up to 220L, the BA model is a good option. Finally, Bekum offers also BAR machines dedicated to the car industry, most particularly for a fuel tanks.

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