Today, I would like to introduce you the Sepro brand, specialist for manufacturing robots. If you are looking for used designs for sale, you are in the right place! Exapro provides you a selection of Sepro robot in its catalogue.

Sepro, an International French company

The manufacturer Sepro is a French company, created in 1973 in La Roche sur Yon thanks to its founder Paul Radat. The meaning of Sepro comes from the appellation Société d’Etude de nouveaux PROduits (Research company for new products) of which main activity, in the beginning, was the automation of processes for the production of sheet metal parts. In 1990, the company Europeanised by setting up in Germany, in Spain and in the United Kingdom. Later, it settled in the Asian continent and then in the American continent (Mexico, Brazil and the United States). Milacron and Sepro collaborate on the American market under a private brand name.

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The Sepro robots, for whom, for what?

For each robot of the brand, a specific need. This is the power of the manufacturer from the Hexagon. By combining reliability and performance, it will certainly satisfy the more demanding requests. With a quality-price ratio which is among the best of the robotic market, you have access to the technology for a reasonable budget. Among the 9 references provided by the brand, you would find machines for the plastic injection as the model 6-60 for injection moulding machines from 20 to 200T but also for loading and unloading thanks to the Success serie. In other words, there is something for everyone!

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