bannerCreating a banner is a key step when preparing an advertising campaign. It is especially true for planning an auction of used equipments.

Thanks to the numerous campaigns carried out on Exapro, we have a good overview of what’s to be done when creating a web banner. Here are some tips we can share with you.

Overall, Internet users are exposed to lots of advertisements nowadays and they tend to loose curiosity. That’s why it is important to state some relevant details in order to give as much information as possible to make them click your banner.

1. Give the date of the auction: even if the sale is not scheduled in a near future, it is an important information for a potential bidder so it has to be clearly displayed in the banner.

2. Give the location of the sale: if your sale in not only online, you will catch much more the attention of all visitors from the area of the sale. If you are running an Internet based sale, you can then give the removal location of the machines.

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3. Give some examples of assets your are selling: to attract the visitors’ attention, briefly state the most interesting equipments you are selling (it can be brands, models or types of machines). Four to five examples are enough.

4. Give pictures of the machines: even if they will be small in the end on the banner, pictures will add a graphical value to your banners and they will make the visitors click the banner more often.

5. Lead visitors directly to the catalogue of the auction: in order to give them the information they want as quick as possible, setting your click through link to the catalogue of the sale will avoid losing some internet users who would have difficulties to access it in an other way.

If you would like to promote an auction sale or any kind of industrial event, do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our page advertising with Exapro.

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