packaging innovationsEverything in this world flows, adapts and changes. The packaging industry is no exception. Modern packaging faces a new goal to make people’s lives in the modern age of constant time shortage as easy as possible. Therefore, new more creative solutions appear on the market bringing packaging innovations to life.

Packaging requirements

Just a few years ago, the peak of innovation was considered packaging, which could be put in a pocket or quickly heated in a microwave, and the sleeve for baking in the oven seemed like a super-invention. In conditions of a high pace of life, great competition and constantly improving technologies, demands are growing, and a design that seemed brilliant yesterday was not surprising today. Any snack products can be put in your pocket even after opening, heated food has become almost an obligatory attribute of those who devote all their time to work, and sleeves for baking are sold in almost every store, and even with recipes, seasonings, tips in one set.

Used packaging machines

Another revolutionary invention, doypack, remained relatively short-lived. It is interesting that they invented it half a century ago in Europe, but it became popular much later thanks to the Japanese. Advantages of doypacks are that they are light, flexible and durable. Originally they were made of polyethylene, and then learned how to weave foil and other components.

Advantages of doypacks are obvious. Lightness – the weight of the package is much less than the weight of the contents. Versatility – they pack products of any consistency – loose, liquid, solid, pasty. Strength – a soft construction made of polyethylene can not be broken, it is difficult to tear and easy to transport. It can also serve as a container for heating. At the moment, about 40 billion do-packs a year are sold in the world!

Over time, the requirements for packaging have increased. Convenience, ease, universality are still important criteria. But now the requirements of environmentalists were added to them. Packaging that is safe for children, does not harm nature and is easily processed becomes more and more fashionable.

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Modern packaging innovations

One such technology was developed by Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. Innovation in PACXPERT lies in its versatility and extreme ease of use. Soft casing and solid neck, like a conventional bottle, have several advantages at once. Such containers do not break, they are easy to transport. Thus from them it is easy to pour, pour, squeeze out. Particular convenience in use provide two handles attached to the top and bottom. They are compactly stacked on the bottom, and the design is flat. Such a package can be used for a variety of purposes. It equally performs the role of both large packagings for chemicals and compact packaging for granulated coffee. Ticcurilla, one of the leaders in the production of paint and varnish products, was among the first to use PACXPERT.

Recently, in the modern packaging industry, skin-film is widely used. It was named so because it encircles the goods like skin. The packaging is made airtight, completely draining the air. As a consequence, the product retains its presentation and flavor characteristics much longer. For the food industry, it is important that the packaging helps the content to breathe and not let harmful microorganisms pass.

Special properties of packaging

Often, packaging for different types of products must have its own special qualities, which are important for it. For example, the American company Dymapak began to produce packaging with the function KidKatch – protection from children. The design is arranged so that the clasp is hidden inside the other fastener. It is not difficult to open such a package, but, on the other hand, the child will not be able to do it, which will save him from “dangerous discoveries”.

An interesting invention was presented by the Israeli designer Iftah Gazit. He developed a double, airtight package of Taiwec material, which allows cooking food in a washing machine. Great food will be ready as soon as the washing machine turns off. Packaging is accompanied by an original design, and cooking recipes are written directly on the tags.


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