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With the development of new technologies that impact many sectors – including the manufacturing industry – the new generation or Millennials (also known as Generation Y) seems to be more attracted by high-tech jobs, mobile application development, becoming a YouTuber, or a job in an office.

However, working in the manufacturing industry can still be a dream today and anyone can be proud to work in this sector. Millions of people made – and are making – their career in this field and it’s always a pleasure to share with them their experience and their knowledge about their work. Furthermore, everyone knows someone who works in this industry. This person might be you!

Let’s take a look together at how the new generation of today can change their perception of the manufacturing industry.

Why Working in the Manufacturing Industry Is Rewarding?

It’s time to change the clichés and stereotypes in 2018. Indeed, working in this type of industry is very different from years back. Say goodbye to hard labor, lack of automation, assembly-line-type of work, and dirty environment. The manufacturing industry has experienced incredible transformation and is one of the most advanced industries today.

Thanks to the new technologies, the new regulations, and research advances, the new generation can take a fresh look at all what they had in mind. Here are three truths of today’s manufacturing industry.

A Career at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Doubtless, the new generation knows drones, IoT (Internet of Things), the impressive progress made in three-dimensional printing, and these new technologies are increasingly adopted and used by manufacturing companies. The general public will probably buy this type of machine only in a few years while these companies already own them and can use them. What makes the work in the manufacturing industry even more exciting is that people are ahead of everyone and use fascinating technologies every day.

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Work More and More Safely

For decades, the industry has suffered from this image of offering careers at high risk. Today, thanks to advances in robotics, IoT (Internet of Things), and better safety regulations, it is safer and safer to work with machines, handle chemicals and other hazards. Artificial intelligence and automation also help staff to perform many tasks safely but still need someone to make important decisions.

Discover More and More Exciting Sectors

Nowadays, the manufacturing industry offers sectors as varied as exciting. What about working in the field of textiles, metallurgy, packaging, or aerospace? These sectors are constantly evolving and getting new technologies so the new generation will not get bored. People always have something interesting to share with their family and friends.

What is the latest technology used to make this car? Why is this metal so strong or so light? What advice to give to someone’s business or product? They will probably have the answer to these questions.

If you are a regular reader of the Exapro Hub, you are already a connoisseur of the industrial world, do you think that the new generation needs to be better informed about it?

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