has seen an increase in inquiries and sales in 2013 across all sectors within our Food Category for Used Machines. This has spiked in the last 5 years of sales. Why?

The Organic Food sector has continued to grow from a cottage industry, which, it always has been, and believe is and always will be. Shoppers have returned to purchasing products for their authenticity and traceability, ending successive decline as a result of the recession. This sector is now ‘Organically’ growing, slowly but surely, especially in the Milk (19% growth), Yoghurt (9% increase) and the dominant (57% of market) Baby Food categories. (Ref Nielson)

A matter of Organic Growth?

Farmers and producers are working hand in hand to produce enough for the demand that is certainly placing pressure on all resources to deliver the finest and the fastest, on time and of course on budget. To be competitive and to continue to make a margin are all factors which are threatening to slow down or compromise the quality and freshness of the product.

A clear problem is inherent in the industry itself. It is almost completely un-automated, it is a farm based grower, entrepreneurial seller, market stall or even Co-opertaive Buthcher’s.

We all agree, 20-30 years ago, to purchase fresh meat, vegetables or fish was normal, just a short walk to the local ‘Shops’ or to one of thousands of Market town’s throughout the United Kingdom?

Is organic too expensive?

organic-foodIn 2014 we have a changing decision to make, do we now drive several miles to the County Farm Shop, and pay over-the-odds for knobbly un-polished produce, or small cut’s of Buffalo, or do we drive 2 miles to a Supermarket Giant for ridiculously graded cosmetic peppers.

The difference is our individual choice. Organic Food is on the verge of a major decline, simply because they can not compete, the land to grow has fallen by 8.7% since 2008, there is still no real evidence it is nutritionally superior, Oxford University does conclude it is less polluting, leaves better soil, and supports wildlife. Organic Produce is potentially on the decline, compared with the rest of the World, the Soil association says’s Global Organic Sales are up 25%!

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Is it a Production, demand, deadline factor?

farmerSo, what is up with the UK? It is a factor of production, my choice is Organic, and has been for several year’s, is it nutritionally beneficial, I want to say yes, it simply tastes like the food my Granny made from Gramps allotment, it was produced using manure, not pesticides. Why can’t we compete? We are not using machines. We are not producing on a scale that can meet requirements, budget’s or demand. It is still a hand picked industry. The huge machines needed to speed up the process are simply too expensive for a small farmer or butcher to consider.

Exapro has proven this is no longer the case. We sell quality used machines. In some cases up to 80% cheaper than a new one. Exapro has been supplying machines to all industrial sectors for over 10 years, here is just one option for the ‘small end user’, we have experts who can provide you with the right machines, for almost any investable budget.

Yes, we do sell Used Meat Cutters, Former’s, Smokehouses, Dehydrators, Walk in Fridges, De-Boners, De-Scalers and Slaughterhouses.

Yes we do sell Used Vegetable washing machines, cutters, Dicers, Peelers, Ovens, Cookers, Blanchers and Farm Equipment.

Yes we also sell Complete Production Lines, Dough Mixers, Pastry Lines, Pizza Lines, Croissant Lines, Laminators, Donut lines, Multi-layer ovens, Coating Pans and Filling Machines.

Exapro only sells Used, Second Hand or previously owned Quality Machines.

All working and most ‘Like New’ in condition. From trusted and respected expert Partners.

What do you think happens to all those amazing machines Dr Oetker, Mr Kipling, Tescos have no longer use for? We sell them.

Don’t hesitate to check all our offers of used machines for the food industry on our website.

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