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When looking to sell your used machinery, the main decision breaker is the price of your equipment. The goal is obviously to maximize your profit. On the Exapro online catalog, you can list your offer for free, providing the description of the machine and your best net price. The price can be shown online or you can choose to not show it on the website, in this case potential buyers will send a request to find out the price. However, determining the best selling price of your machine is crucial to attract potential machinery buyers and sell your equipment successfully. What should be your approach to value used machinery?

Detailed Approach

Just like any other product,the price of a used machine depends on several factors. Determining how much you would like to sell your machine for, you should take into consideration if your purchased equipment was used or new. How old the machine is at the moment of selling, what is the condition (excellent, good, average, poor), whether the manufacturer of the machine is a well-known respectable brand or not. The price of the used machine also depends on the technical specifications, e.g. production capacity, dimension of the work-piece or final product, power etc. In some product categories of the Exapro online catalog we have detailed descriptions of the machine type: what the machine is used for, what are the main technical parameters, area of use and main manufacturers for this specific category. Such information could help to determine the selling price of your machine.

Compare with Other Offers

The other popular price estimation method is to check what your competition (i.e. among machine sellers) is doing. On Exapro we have hundreds if not thousands of machines available on offer for each machine category. If you’re looking to sell a vertical machining center, you can visit the category of machining centers and filter machines similar to yours based on manufacturer, location and year of production. This way you will have an idea about what the general pricing policy is. To have an even broader price sample, you can just look up used vertical machining centers of your specific brand available for sale and check out the prices of those machines.

Details to Keep in Mind

  • Price can be negotiated. You can set the desired price of your equipment keeping in mind the final price might be negotiated. Based on Exapro agents’ experience, for the deal closure it is sometimes necessary to go down with the price. In Exapro we only deal with serious buyers, so if the client is interested in your machine there is a high chance of finalizing the sale successfully.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of research. Those who have information have the power. It is well worth spending some time researching the current situation on the used machinery market, as well as the strategy other sellers choose to sell their machines.
  • Any day is good to sell your used machine. Used industrial machinery is not a seasonal product. Despite small fluctuations on the market, there are no distinctly popular months of the year or days of the week to sell machines. So if you have a used piece of equipment for sale, don’t hesitate to put it on offer now and start selling.
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