industrial auction onlineOnline auctioning has become the trend recently. Industrial auction online is an alternative way to purchase good quality machinery for a fraction of the original price. In general, online auctions main goal is to be profitable for both buyer and seller. The focus is held upon making a good deal. The seller naturally wants to get the highest possible value for offered equipped. The buyer, on the other hand, wants to pay a minimum price for the product. Online auctions offer the simplest solution to set the price for a product and represent a certain compromise between buyer’s and seller’s targets.

Industrial auction online

What is unique about online auctions is that the final price is set by the buyer, not the seller. On the other hand, the seller establishes the rules for the auction. Another peculiar fact about online auctions is that machines offered via auction don’t directly belong to the auction house. Auctioneer or online auction house is just a mediator between potential buyers and sellers. It is quite common that the buyer will actually know the machine better that the seller himself.

Online auctions usually take place for a few days – from 3 to 10 days – which represents a certain benefit for buying and selling party. Traditional auctions, on the other hand, are just opened for one day. Buyers taking part in online bidding don’t necessarily need to be present behind the computer at the time of auctioning. This allows to broaden the geography and number of buyers participating in the auction.


Some traditional auction houses have successfully converted to be online auctioneers. Good example of such transition is Troostwijk – European market leader in industrial machinery auctioning.

Since the start of its operation in 1930, Troostwijk has developed a strong position on the market of used machinery trading. Year after year, the volume of sales is constantly increasing as well as the number of partners Troostwijk works with. The main specialty of online auction house is to organize online auctions for used machinery sales within Europe. Keeping it within European continent, Troostwijk can guarantee potential machinery buyers smooth running of the deal.

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List of the upcoming auctions is available on Troostwijk website. Clients can easily filter upcoming auctions by location choosing from the list of European countries or category of machinery equipment. Then save the date and be ready to bid on the lots that fit the production needs. Thanks to years of experience, Troostwijk is realizing machinery for better prices, so participating in the auction buyers have a good chance of getting a bargain.

Last but not least, Troostwijk online auctions are held via company’s own-developped software which is a unique custom-made product.


Another example of a successful online auction house is EquipNet – worldwide asset manager. In fact, EquipNet is not just any other online auctionee, it actually offers the whole package represented as a corporate asset management program. All EquipNet auctions are held online and are widely accessible for users worldwide. As EquipNet reports state, online machinery sales through auctioning proved to be very successful with end clients being both companies and individual end users.

EquipNet online marketplace for machinery auctioning allows to sell or purchase used equipment out of a broad range of machinery categories. This way clients can generate substantial value turning unused assets into active funds and benefiting from it. Since 1999, online auction house by EquipNet has been helping international clients to deal with asset tracking and equipment redeployment.

For years, EquipNet has been revolutionizing the way companies manage their surplus assets. In all cases, our clients benefit from hundreds of years of combined experience of our global workforce and an umbrella of support from our Project Managers who make sure that goals are met and deadlines are kept.

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