Injection moulding machines, also known as plastic injection moulding machines, are one of the most important industrial machines we can find on the used machinery market. 

They are machines made for manufacturing plastic goods such as water bottles, plastic boxes… There are two main parts when it comes to how injection moulding machines are working. We can find an injection unit which will carry and pour the plastic,most of the time in a liquid form. The second part is the clamping unit working with really important pressure applied to the mould and plastic.  

At Exapro we are proud to have a wide variety of injection moulding machines. Our team chose to present 6 examples of the best used industrial machinery we got. 

Used Demag machines: 

Demag is one of the world leaders in industrial machinery, specialised in industrial cranes and mobile cranes. They are mostly known for their industrial moulding machines from the brand Sumitomo (Shi) Demag better known by their short name Demag. 

Their know-how is representative of the mix of the German techniques and the Japanese ones. This cross cultural collaboration brought them on the top charts of this industry.

1. Demag 420/810-2300 NC4 Injection moulding machine

This used Demag injection moulding machine is in a perfect condition with a good maintenance state as it is still used by a strong actor of the automotive industry. It has always been used according to production plan, never left working on regular shifts or in an intensive way of producing. 

With a clamping force of 428 tones, a screw diameter of 60mm and a shot volume of 891cm3 this used machine will fit any purpose you can ask from it. 

This Demag machine used the hot runner system with her 9 different heating zones all working with an included robot interface: Euromap E 67.

We currently have one to sell at the price of 31.950€, you can click the following link for more details

2. Demag Ergotech 350/810-2300 Injection moulding machine

The Demag Ergotech injection moulding machine is the big sister of the one described above. 

It is stronger with a clamping force of 428 tones, a shot volume above 1200cm3 furnished with the robot interface Demag DR631-0399. It also comes with a screw diameter of 70mm and a full service for the dismantling, transportation and delivery to the future owner. 

In addition, you can see on the picture that the machine is in an excellent state which you can check on the pictures of the machine

Used Engel machines: 

One of the best plastic moulding machines manufacturers all over the world, they are used to provide machines to all sectors which need to work with plastic moulding such as automotive, medical, food… 

They are offering machines with a clamping force range going from 28T to 5.500T which is a really important power. 

3. Engel VC 1050/200 TECH Injection moulding machine

The machine we are advertising here is an Engel VC 1050/200 Tech, an injection moulding machine using the hot runner system thanks to the 9 heating zones the machine is offering. 

This Engel used machinery was used in the automotive parts industry with her clamping force of 204T and her 511cm3 injection shot, in 100.000 hours of working this machine never disappointed her owner. The Engel VC has always been well maintained, never went through an intensive production plan, so as you guessed it, for 21.950€, you will have one of the best machines at a really good price including dismantling and loading on truck. 

If you are interested in this machine, please feel free to check the video and pictures the machine’s owner shared with us. 

Used Arburg machines: 

Arburg are from far a high end injection moulding machine manufacturer. They offer really precise machines, easy to use and really efficient. With more than 200 years of experience, Arburg runs a day-to-day business all around the world finding how to offer better machines answering the constantly changing needs of the plastic moulding industry. 

4. Arburg 470 C 1500-800 Injection moulding machine

This Arburg 470C injection moulding machine is complying to the CE norms due to her age, the machine has been manufactured in 2006. 

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This machine was working in a factory making car plastic parts for numerous big automotive companies. It was useful because you can ask this machine through her robot Euromap E 67 to use her 153T clamping force to produce what you will need. 

In addition to that, her 392cm3 and the 2000bar pressure on material makes it a really accurate machine. 

If you want to see the machine working you can go to the factory by taking an appointment on our website, or you can check the machine’s video and pictures

In case you did not find the machine before it was sold, don’t worry, we have her exact twin sister. For the same abilities, uses and prices. 

Included in the price of 21.850€ you will have the machine, the dismantling, the loading on truck and also advice from people used to work with the machine for a long time. 

5. Arburg 520 C 2000 – 150/150 Injection moulding machine

The Arburg 520C is kind of similar to the Arburg 470C, nonetheless, the machine got some differentiation points from the other one. 

We offer 3 Arburg 520C, same modele, different characteristics as they were used and modified according to the expectations the seller had from the machines. 

  1. The first one has a clamping force of 203T, shot volume of 106cm3 which we can add 54cm3 if needed. The screw diameter is 35+25mm for a shot weight of 89g(+45g if needed). This data can help to understand how modulable those injection moulding machines can be. 

The machine comes with an Euromap E 12 robot interface and a 2500 bar pressure on material. You can also ask to add Wittmann W721 manipulators to your order. If you want to see the pictures and more details it is right here

  1. The second machine, from 2002 has a clamping force of 203T, shot volume of 106cm3 which we can add 54cm3 if needed. The screw diameter is 35+25mm for a shot weight of 89g(+45g if needed). 

The machine comes with an Euromap E 67 robot interface and a 1620 bar pressure on material. The machine is equipped with two injection units. If you want to see the pictures and more details it is right here

  1. And lastly the third machine, also from 2002, was well maintained, owner taking good care of it. This used Arburg 520C has a clamping force of 203T, shot volume of 54cm3 which we can add 54cm3 if needed. The screw diameter is 25+25mm for a shot weight of 45g(+45g if needed). 

The machine comes with an Euromap E 67 robot interface and a 2500 bar pressure on material. The machine is equipped with two injection units. After agreement with the seller, it would be possible to sell an internal parts conveyor with this Arburg as written in the offer.

These machines are priced between 12.500€ and 12.700€ including dismantling and loading on trucks. 

6. Arburg 420 C 1000-150/60 Injection moulding machine

The 2001 Arburg 420C is a reference in the injection moulding machine as even after 95.000 hour of work it still worked as the first day, we saw it from our own eyes. 

As the owner changes a good part of his activity he has to sell it. He will have to say goodbye to the 102T of clamping force, the 78cm3 volume shots and the 2210 bar of pressure the machine was offering him. 

In addition to that, the machine has been recently seen under production by a Arburg maintenance team, who stated the machine as being in a perfect condition. 

The machine is equipped with a Euromap E67 as most of the machines presented above, but the used Arburg also has 2 injection units, a turntable and if you agree with the seller, you will be able to add a Wittmann inlet remover. 

The price for such an opportunity is 12.220€ including, as always, dismantling, preparation for shipping and loading on trucks. 

Still not convinced, I’ll let you check more details and pictures of the machine

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