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Mazak Integrex 200 is a machine tool developed by the manufacturer Mazak. This is the fifth generation of multitask machines of the group. The machine differentiates itself by offering a condensed of performance and a capacity to ensure a multitasking manufacturing.

This versatility is due to the marriage between a powerful turning center and a multitasking machining center to produce parts in a single setup. Thanks to this technology, it is no longer necessary to configure multiple stages and installations. Just programming once is enough to make the machine chained all the movements. The manufacturing costs are reduced thanks to the multitasking option.

This machine has been developed to have different shapes of parts, prismatic, circular and many other shapes. It enables to produce parts for diverse uses as aeronautics or molding production. Different uses which gives to the machine its versatility.

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Mazak, a famous manufacturer for machine tools

Mazak is a Japanese company created in 1919. The group is specialized in machine tools manufacturing with digital control. Mazak machine tools are known as being  technologically high-quality machines. Today, Mazak ensures a global distribution, from the United States to Singapore through Europe.

What are the main characteristics of Integrex 200?

–  A main turning spindle, single or dual opposedThe model Integrex 200 is characterised by:

–  Turret for simultaneous cutting

–  Rotary and fixed tools

–  20 ATC standard tools, 40 to 80 tools available

–  Milling spindle with rotation and axis

Characteristics for Integrex 200 models :

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