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A few words about Arburg

Arburg is a German family-owned company created in 1923. Originally specialized in consumer goods manufacturing, it is only in 1956 that the manufacturing of the first injection moulding machines started developed by Karl Hehl in 1954. Leader of the injection moulding machines for plastic, Arburg is now present in 70 countries and hire more than 2000 employees.

The Allrounder principle

Created in 1961, the Allrounder principle was developed after different improvements realized on the previous models of the manufacturer Arburg. It is a production process that allows the injection of shaped parts to be produced in ten different positions of work.

We can differentiate several Allrounder models : with electric power, hybrid (electric and hydraulic), hydraulic and finally the vertical model with a rotary table. Depending on the model, you would obtain results that could vary in terms of exactness and especially of manufacturing speed. But the difference is mostly made on the energy costs. However, all the machines work with the same software named Selogica that ensures the good progress of the operation by the machine.

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The Allrounder advantages

– Flexibility in the processing

– Different working positions : lateral injection etc.

– Full use of the productive potential of the mould

– Horizontal linear mould filling

– Quick change of equipment

 See all Arburg Allrounder for sale! 


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