As we often mentioned, packaging is the first thing a customer sees before buying a product. Moreover, packaging is  even more important in the cosmetic sector. At the occasion of the Beauty Düsseldorf exhibition that took place in March 2014, exhibitors revealed their new products. Let’s see how packagings will look tomorrow.

Trends for 2014 in cosmetics packaging

SmartPackagingDuring this fair, that took place in Germany in March professionals of the cosmetic packaging industry met to present the trends for the year to come. Unsurprisingly, new materials will be used and are meant to become more resistant. They will be adapted to the face of the brand, as original as possible and most importantly, environmentally friendly. Industrial machinery packaging sector will therefore have to adapt to the new market demand: they will offer the possibility to label bottles or tubes, plastic or glass, while having the ability to switch formats quickly. As a matter of fact, machines will have to be universal. Purchase behavioral studies have shown that customer almost attaches as much importance to the packaging as to the product itself.

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Smart packaging

smart packagingIn order to meet the needs of the increasingly specific demand of customers, will be needed intelligent machines called “Smart Packaging” or “Active Packaging”. This term is increasingly used among the packaging industry but has no precise definition. It refers to the packaging of the future, smart packaging, a type of packaging which takes into account the different colors, shapes, materials, graphics, bar codes, … In general this term also refers to new packaging machines which happen to become more and more automated and electronic.

Regulations in terms of safety of products (whether food, cosmetics or medical) happen to change very often and are meant to become even more severe in order to offer customers a product without corrosion traces, protected from the oxygen, under vacuum and to right temperature. To sum up, a product with an attractive packaging, environmentally friendly and fully tested to meet all safety standards.

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