B2B companies (business to business) such as manufacturing and industrial companies tend to think that the Web is only for B2C companies (business to consumer) that sell online.

Few of them see a real opportunity to include Web in their selling/buying strategy.  Potential buyers and sellers have already started their searching journey on the Web before even contacting you.

Manufacturing companies should develop their online presence if they want their machines to be seen or to increase their chance to find a serious buyer.

Here are the key things to know about showing yourself on the Web.

Everything starts with a keywords search

Customer behavior has changed with today’s technologies.

They search for a solution to their problem and it always starts with a query on their search engines.

They will write their keywords search and the link to your machine will appear on the page of Google.

Your potential buyer is looking for your machine and that’s why you need to be well-positioned on the web.

How else will they find you?

A well-positioned online marketplace like Exapro.com can easily help you get buyers for your machines.

Your potential buyer or seller will search for specific words to formulate their query on search engines. Since the user won’t search your machine name directly, it’s essential for the marketplace to develop the content of the website based on strategic keywords.

At Exapro, we constantly improve our internal search browser and our content to make sure your machine will appear on Google and other search engines.

Responsive, attractive and functional website

A responsive website is a site that adapts to all platforms. Today, mobile searches have become more common than computer searches. This is why it’s necessary to have a website that is as navigable on mobile, tablet or computer.

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The site must have an intuitive navigation and quickly show the information wanted by the user.

Keep in mind that the user only has a few seconds, a minute at most, to be convinced to stay on the webpage that shows the machine.

The online marketplace is your showcase, your chance to sell quickly and fairly your machine. But also to increase the visibility of the machine added.

A solid online reputation

There is a lot of competition out there. Your competitors and all the difference marketplaces available on the Web.

Check reviews on social media and third-party websites. Pay attention to what people said and if the company came back to them with a clear and professional message.

You can also check other details like the date of creation of the marketplace, the number of clients, the quality of the testimonials (are they fake, is there a link to the user’s website?)


Potential buyers and sellers are surfing on the web. It’s up to you to bring them to your machines to find the right person with an optimal web presence service.

At Exapro, we have a multilingual team of agents who help for free by increasing the visibility of thousands of machines since 2000.

Visitors can browse an optimized website, find machines from all over the world, subscribe to a custom newsletter, and much more.

Feel free to visit exapro.com or to contact us via our form.

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