vertical turret latheThere are quite a few types of different molds, some have a large weight or diametrical size, others have linear dimensions. To obtain some of them, having a large diameter and a short length, installation is carried out on the lathe-carrousel machine for further processing.

An important point is that the universal lathe-carrousel machine today is extremely rare due to the spread of front-end turning units. All vertical turret lathes are equipped with a technical passport, in which the manufacturer indicates the most important information.

Scope and Advantages

The carousel has a device suitable for obtaining details by the method of turning. For example, it is possible to obtain molds for manufacturing gear wheels. Technical characteristics of lathes and carousels determine the possibility of the following operations:

  • Conventional turning
  • Thread cutting
  • Cropping the ends
  • Countersinking
  • Creating grooves
  • Drilling and boring

Considering the purpose of the carousel, you should pay attention to the fact that the installation of special equipment allows you to chisel, perform turning on the copier or milling. It is possible to manufacture a workpiece by a lathe-boring machine if it is made of carbon steel, non-ferrous metals or cast iron. The purpose of turning lathes can be specific, which should be taken into account.

Today, a CNC carousel or without this unit is installed in production lines that function to produce high-precision workpieces. In this case, the lathe and carousel with CNC allow you to significantly reduce the likelihood of marriage.

The ongoing modernization of the lathe-carrousel machine simplifies the management of equipment since for the movement of the main units an electric or hydraulic drive is installed. An example can be called a carousel with a CNC, for the management of which a computer is installed that processes the input information by the operator.

If we consider the description of turning lathes, we can pay attention to the fact that the main rotational motion is transferred to the faceplate with the workpiece.

Repair of lathe-boring lathes in most cases is done by oneself. Most models have a high maintainability index, with proper operation and timely maintenance, serious malfunctions appear very rarely.

Basic Selection Criteria

Considering the main parameters, which determine the features of the equipment, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The power index. As previously noted, carousel machines can have several electric motors. The standard kinematic scheme provides for a single main electric motor, as well as a few additional ones, which allow precise control of the nodes or are intended for coolant supply. The moment that this group of equipment is designed to handle large billets, the electric circuit provides a total power of more than 10 kW.
  • The number of speeds. Carousel machines are supplied with kinematics with the possibility of setting a certain speed. According to the developed processing technology, the cutting speed varies in a large limit.
  • The angle of inclination of the support. In this device is installed a design that allows you to change the slope of the slide. This is necessary to obtain details with a variety of geometries.
  • The number of revolutions of the faceplate per minute. Carousel machines have one important feature: the faceplate can also rotate about its axis. Due to this, the processing is greatly simplified and accelerated.
  • Cross section of the washer. The range in which the cross member can move in the case of a two-post model. The single-column version does not have a cross member, which significantly reduces the size of the workpieces to be processed.
  • The greatest distance in the horizontal and vertical plane, on which the nodes can move.
  • Height and cross-section of blanks that can be processed by carousel machines.
  • The number of tools that can be installed in the turret to change them. It should be borne in mind that the turret is peculiar to models with CNC, or those that can perform processing in automatic mode thanks to other control devices.
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Operating Principle

Considering the description of the machines of the carousel group, attention is given to which nodes will receive the rotation or reciprocating motion. Turning and turning machine with or without CNC have the following features:

The calipers are moved by the feed motion. The cutting tool must be fixed in calipers, their position changes in manual mode or through automatic feeding.

Rotation is transferred to the faceplate. The equipment in question is characterized by the fact that the main drive is connected with this structural element, in which the workpiece is fastened.

There are a very large number of additional movements that can simplify the processing process. An example is a turret, in which a tool is installed for boring or performing other operations. The tool is changed by turning it around its axis.

When cutting threaded surfaces, additional equipment is installed, in some models, the reciprocating motion is also received by the table, the rotation is transferred to the tools. Movement is transmitted and traverse.

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