Injections moulding machines are among the most represented machines of this month of July in the Exapro catalog. Although some of you might be on holidays and have stopped their activity, sellers continue to add machines and buyers continue their search to be ready for September. This type of machine has always aroused interest from our visitors and readers from around the world, so we decided to select for you the top 5 used injection moulding machine for July 2018.

BOY 55M injection moulding machine

Let’s start with this 55M model from 2002 and located in the United Kingdom. More than 330 buyers were interested in this machine last month. Its specifications and its price are making something which is worth it to look at. For instance, the machine has only 27600 run hours on the clock. Check out the full description of the machine on the website.

BOY 55M Injection Moulding Machine

BOY 55M injection moulding machine – available now on Exapro

Arburg Allrounder 420 C 1000-350

The second machine of this Top 5 comes from Spain and has been manufactured in 2000. Furthermore, the seller has mentioned in the description that the machine has been “revised” and it’s “in perfect working order”. Like 187 buyers interested in this Arburg in July, feel free to check out the page and to contact the seller. Any question or any double will be answered.

arburg allrounder 420 c1000 350

Arburg Allrounder 420 C 1000-350 – available now on Exapro

Netstal Synergy 1500 K-460

Here is now a machine that comes from Switzerland and was manufactured in 1999. Thanks to a full and clear description, this Netstal Synergy model is definitely worth it to look at if you’re looking for a new injection moulding machine for your company. A lot of options are provided as well as peripherals included in the total final price.

Netstal Netstal Synergy 1500 K - 460

Netstal Netstal Synergy 1500 K – 460 – available now on Exapro

Engel ES 1350-250HL

Engel is one of the top 5 injection moulding machines manufacturers on the used market. That’s why it’s not surprising that the ES 1350-250HL appears in our ranking. You can also enjoy a video provided by the seller that shows the machine in action.

Engel ES 1350-250HL injection moulding machine

Engel ES 1350-250HL – available now on Exapro

Demag 500 – 440H / 120L Multi

The last machine is located in France and has been manufactured in 2005. A lot of information is provided by the seller again, such as the worked hours, the different dimensions and sizes, if there is a robot interface or not, etc. Go have a look to get an idea if this machine could fit your business reality.

Demag 500 - 440H / 120L Multi injection moulding machine

Demag 500 – 440H / 120L Multi – available now on Exapro

Remember that at Exapro, multilingual agents work together whatever the language spoken by the seller or the buyer. Feel free to ask your questions in your own language, Exapro is taking care of everything.

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